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Hello, and welcome to Insider’s Health TV. Where we bring you the freshest happenings
in the world of medicine without the quack propaganda. Today we’ll be talking about
the growing procedure of using telemedicine to prescribe what’s commonly known as the
“abortion pill” to women.
A new study looked into the practice of video conferencing with a patient before prescribing
her an abortion pill. It turns out that there was no difference compared to those who had
a face-to-face visit.
The findings are centered on an already controversial practice called telemedicine, and many people
believe that abortions shouldn’t be handed out via an Internet conference. The opponents,
terming it a ‘webcam abortion,’ charge that it can pose a health risk to women, and
several states have actually banned the practice. But since this study seems to show that there
are no greater health risks involved… it now becomes a political issue.
For those who are pushing the new procedure, telemedicine has the possibility to open up
doors for women who don’t live near any good healthcare facilities. Planned Parenthood
started the program because there were some women in lower economic divisions that were
not able to get to their location for whatever reason. Some were working all the time, some
didn’t have any transportation, and some just lived too far away and had other things
to take care of. But now, rather than having a child because they had no other option,
women are allowed to decide if they are ready by having a video conference with a doctor.
And supporters are quick to show that this isn’t a place where women can log on and
be talked into abortions. These are real doctors who will put out both sides and weigh the
pros and cons with the women.
So which side of the fence do you stand on? If you think an important procedure like an
abortion needs at least a face-to-face visit with your doctor, or if you think the telemedicine
program is an effective new way to treat otherwise untreatable patients, leave your comments
That’s it for this edition of Insider’s Health TV. I’m your host, Kimberly Walleston.
And remember: it’s your health. We’re just helping you think outside the box.


Abortion Pill Telemedicine

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