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  • with 10 days ago, the Hawks made it to the Canary Islands and next will cross the Bay of Biscay on the way to her final destination of Stavanger in Norway.

  • Captain Alien has found a weather complication on the radar looking for this development off this low pressure is coming down from the northwest to the Southeast.

  • There's a North Atlantic storm front developing over the next couple of days ahead of their routes across the Bay of Biscay.

  • On the most probably will meet.

  • The speedways are in this area on deck.

  • Rig manager, tour and technical section leader Klaus Mortensen checking the rigs.

  • Readiness for the storms.

  • We're just doing a visual inspection before the weather is hitting us.

  • Going that night unannounced, like one on the long march Like this, we constantly monitor the legs movements.

  • The legs constantly move within their guide plates, and it creates quite a noise.

  • But if the winds pick up on the hawk pitches and rolls, there will be a lot of stress on the legs, and they could be permanently damaged if they bend in a storm where most presses this area where right now supporting such a massive structure is a challenge.

  • From here on, it's 570 meters up in the air with no suspensions.

  • Okay.

  • Alter course to 0250 to 5.

  • The hawk is less than 24 hours away from the rough weather system off the Bay of Biscay.

  • Experience now a big swell from the north, about three meters.

  • Captain Alien and chief Officer Yevgeny scrutinized the changing weather forecasts.

  • They can't sail through ways that any higher than four meters deeper tow the next two days, we can see that this weather is coming again.

  • Worsen wars.

  • Captain Alien faces a dilemma.

  • He can't sail through the storm.

  • But each day their arrival in Norway is delayed costs nearly half a $1,000,000.

  • His only hope is a small window of opportunity to outrace that storm.

  • Did it?

  • Just so you please be on the stand by a ninja.

  • Roman Just wait for orders from the bridge.

  • We can see how this visit is moving.

  • He has a tough decision to make.

  • Wait out the storm head for shelter.

  • We'll try to outrun it on updated forecast.

  • Adds another problem.

  • Now there's a second weather system shaping up behind them.

  • It threatens potential four meter swells.

  • If the captain waits out the storm ahead, the hawk could get hammered from behind way.

  • She's let us.

  • Will we have to go visit marks a decision made.

  • He'll try to outrun the storm ahead.

  • If you will proceed with the speed more than 10 11 knows it will be better for us.

  • Not for me.

  • Tradition.

  • Tradition.

  • Captain Aliens Decision causes a chain reaction in the ship.

  • All hands move quickly to prepare for what lies ahead.

  • Routine maintenance becomes essential.

  • Is the engineer's performer bearings.

  • Check on auxiliary engine number three on the normal conditions.

  • The main engine has an 18,000 horse power capacity and consumes more than 40 tons of heavy fuel each day.

  • But chief engineer Sergio Sewage is concerned that the bad weather will strain the engines.

  • They said that reward you see it.

  • The hawk is currently moving at 11 knots, or 20 kilometers per hour, but with a 33,000 ton cargo on deck, Captain Ilian may have to pull back on the power to protect the engines, but it's a breach.

  • Yes, hello.

  • I have unexpected swelling from my port side approaching.

  • As the weather picks up, the rig is both a help and a hindrance.

  • The heavy load stabilizes the ship so it doesn't roll from scientist side, but the main living quarters and legs catch a lot of wind.

  • So when the Hawks sales directly into the breeze, it strains to move forward, and now the speed has dropped to eight knots.

  • But the ship can turn back, actually come to the point of an overturned at the moment, so we'll just have to hope you can keep up the speed when the school is approaching, we can expect with more than 40 45 that's around eight o'clock.

  • The leading edge of the storm catches the Hawk looking at on the way rig manager Tall orders his team out onto the deck to secure the supplies against the wind, thinking about the people on board, and if you guys walking out on deck, you on the night time, get it by some of the equipment, it may cause some serious injury.

  • I would liketo increase the PM and the power to the main engine.

  • Captain Ilian switches between visual checks of the rig on monitoring his guidance instruments now it gets the waves in the port side.

  • This water is running.

  • I would say this is the worst condition now.

  • Experience in this world share as they forge through the swells.

  • Everyone worries about the cargo on deck.

  • When I go down, rig slammed down to the top of the waves and that causes some stress on the structure on the needle.

  • We'll make time to the starboard side.

  • It will be better for us for a few minutes.

  • Please report wind force and direction.

  • Force one Congress from Boris.

  • If they can't outrun the converging weather systems, the hall will be caught right in the center of the storm.

with 10 days ago, the Hawks made it to the Canary Islands and next will cross the Bay of Biscay on the way to her final destination of Stavanger in Norway.


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