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morning, ladies.
My name is Jackson the guy.
And welcome back, I guess, to try to fall asleep to remember, I played a little demo of this in a three Scary Games video long time ago, and I quite liked it.
I thought it was really cool.
But now the full game is out on steam, and so many people have asked me to play it.
So many people, in fact, that even matter.
Pat in the video was talking about It spoke very highly of it inside that I needed to play.
It called me up my name.
So you win this one Mathis part True, eh?
So let's play a game, I guess from what I remember someone trying to fall asleep.
And it's five nights of Freddie's, like in terms of knights and Jesus Christ, don't I?
Finally, I died.
There's got ejected from a book Burning building.
They'll happen.
I got it.
Oh, hello there.
You must be John Herring, right.
Well, nice to meet you, Mr Aaron.
I guess my name is a B.
I'm a medical assistant robot.
My core function is to give guidance to my patients and provide a supportive presence in case of an emergency mental breakdown, psychotic disruption.
And so I was created by your treatment supervisor, Dr Rick Norberg himself.
So, Mr Herring, I'd like to congratulate you on successfully recovering from your physical damages.
Thank you.
Huge blast and didn't lose a limb.
How about that?
We're gonna say a learned man now that you have healed from the physical damage is we can start to work on your brain damage.
You have memory loss is as well you brain damage is that might force you Thio hallucinate?
Well, luckily for you, all those damages can be easily cured.
You know what the hell?
Your brain damage.
You just have to sleep.
I'm resting.
Sleeping is the best medicine for your brain, as it is a good state for the brain to naturally heal itself.
Sounds good.
Games easy, right?
Well, unfortunately, your brain damage might cause you to hallucinate, and that could be a huge problem.
If you won't stay calm, your stress will increase on a huge stress will give you a cardiac arrest.
It's not because we might not be able to arrive in time to save you from death.
So you'll need to deal with your stress as best as you can donate.
All right, let's walk you through the basics real quick.
Good advice.
That the bottom left corner.
Okay, then.
Oh, wait.
I'm so sorry.
I was trying to cheat the system.
Okay, that's good.
Oh, no.
Oh, I ruined it.
There's only barking outside.
Oh, no.
You're making me even more scared.
Just just falling asleep.
So I turn off the light to scare away things.
Oh, God.
Oh, shit.
Oh, no.
You broke my window, asshole.
The worst thing you could have done killing me, not another.
That's that's easy.
Jesus Christ.
Can you go away?
Could you leave?
Could you not be here?
That would be nice.
Oh, I can't leave the light on for long.
Oh, no.
Just blink.
Blink and you go away.
Bye bye.
No, He was about to tell me how to play the game on.
I saw that my sleep was rising, so I thought, Oh, awesome.
I can just do that.
I could just keep my cib rising as he talks because it's not gonna throw anything at me too soon.
Just skipped all his dialogue.
Okay, Were warning halfway to sleep.
I wish I could have a thing like this at night time.
So I know how much sleep I'm about to get, or know how close and you're going on your teeth.
Keep your eyes open and turn on the lights.
Thank you, Mr Robo man.
Thank you, Mr Smiley Face.
Hey, my life got fixed Place.
That's also cover, Mechanic, that the light would break if I'm even on too long.
So close to sleep.
Just close your eyes and think about nothing.
My okay.
Jesus Christ.
Get off my windows.
Monkey man.
You think this is a fucking McDonald's play place for boys?
All right.
Night one should be easy.
Should be simple enough for almost a sleeve.
Dreamy, sleepy nightie.
Snoozy snooze nes just drift away.
I saw teeth again, like not hello.
I'm hearing something, but I'm not seeing anything that's even worse.
Okay, Okay.
You're fine.
Everything's fine.
Everything is so fine.
This is not how you try and fall asleep by the way I'm seeing in my sleep.
So my stress goes up.
If I keep my eyes closed for too long as well.
It's a start dreaming about the accident.
I thought I saw a face.
That's my face.
Okay, Almost there.
Almost there.
Just drift away.
E on.
Good night.
Let's all hand who lured?
The walls are melted.
Um, I asleep dreaming way Did it?
I fell asleep is the hardest I've ever tried to fall asleep in my life.
Okay, Kate, I just got into the lab.
Oh, right now.
You should check out the power generator.
The one that works.
It might be the reason for the whole power sort of facility.
I got it.
Where will you be at?
I'll be in the main power book.
I'll check in there.
It fried circuits that need to be prepared.
Sounds good.
If there's something wrong with the generator, I'll try to fix it the best I can.
All right.
Oh, God.
I forgot that.
There's these, like, mid level dream sequences, herb.
Different levels whenever the cold.
Welcome to one of the most inventive or trees in the revival company.
You've been brought here thanks to your skills and hard work results during your career at our company.
Please note that all work in information.
Here you are old.
Must be kept secret as a strictly confidential sensitive you.
No problem.
I know that the information is sensitive about its fat ankles.
Exit the main lab building and locates power generator.
Oh, hi.
What do you want?
They're nothing.
That's why.
Go at me.
Don't go.
I find a power generator.
I'm assuming these giant, bright, flashing lights are gonna be in Or death.
Either are pretty cool fuses.
We're gonna have to fight fuses.
They could be anywhere.
This is all a certain trip.
Click with me again.
I completely forgot about all of this.
Jesus Christ.
Already forgot about this.
Chases you?
I don't like it.
I don't like it.
I don't think it lose the exit.
Go, go, go.
You're not gonna make me do that for every fuse, are you?
Oh, I can't handle this.
I'm going to start hallucinating after this.
It looks very pretty.
It looks a lot better than when I played it last time.
So good job on that.
I'm also a lot more scared.
So good jumping back.
Hello, Mr Fuse A.
He refuses to come out.
Thank you.
I'll be shitting my pants all night at God.
Christmas door.
Anything I want to get crushed between is Tom nooks Thick thighs.
Okay, Closed the doors.
Okay, Okay, okay, Okay, Okay.
Close it.
Close it.
Keep the demons away.
Keep the demons away.
No demon thoughts.
God is getting closer.
Oh, Lord, no!
I actually don't know which put it is to close it.
Some spamming.
Everything okay?
Okay, okay.
Sound design is your friend.
No, Again!
What thought is that?
Are these my gay thoughts going to get out?
I want Come.
Come on.
There's nothing behind it out.
That's going o behind that one.
I don't want anything getting out of my mind.
Ooh, Yes!
I don't want to turn into a monkey there for a second, but yes, Got it.
Okay, that was interesting.
I'm glad it's not the same thing over and over again.
Okay, Back to where I was before locked.
You're not all right.
Look like Daisy was writing a draft for a letter, it reads.
I don't know if I can do it.
Dad, I appreciate that you gave me this opportunity to prove myself, but it's a huge responsibility.
I only went because you convinced me I'll only be a helping hand.
I don't want to be involved in anything major.
If you truly believe that it's for the good, then I support it.
Otherwise it's all on you, Daisy.
Does Daisy want?
It's Edwards Diary, the latest entry in the diary reads.
It doesn't feel right, although I'm happy for this opportunity to work on this project.
Dangerous substance research is kind of not my thing.
It's kind of not really what I meant to.
I just don't vibe with that.
I mean, I'm not bad added or unqualified Underqualified.
It's just that I specialize in other science work, you know, trains.
I like reanimate dead bodies.
I'm trying to see how far I can shove my fist in my Beijing for this project was good, too good to turn down, though, compared to what I've worked out before, this project is nothing.
I've been through things that other people wouldn't believe.
It kept me awake at night terrified of thinking how bad things could have turned out, but it didn't and the results the result brought me on the revival company a fortune.
It's genuinely horrifying where this company is capable of.
Yeah, People should finally know what happened to me.
Maybe it went in and puff, puff, puff, puff, puff on all the chemicals.
And then I came out with two heads, and now I can't figure out which one I want to use.
Hey, whoever's here, stop running around.
Okay, I got a job to do.
Take all this weed and go place your masks here, huh?
Some really cool, huh?
Environmental storytelling going on.
I like that.
She's I never thought I'd get so scared by steam in my life.
Interests of the greenhouse.
Not a good idea to go in sight.
Oh, no.
Fucking hell!
Not a good idea to scare the poopy yard of my booty.
The papers say current times, we sure do live in them.
Someone kill my cold fish?
It's a fake fish bowl filled with clear Jell O for water simulation.
A plastic fish is stuck in the middle.
Ironically, the fish is turned upside out.
God only know who killed you.
Who took the life from your eyes.
I need to know.
I'll make them pay.
Goldie, don't you worry.
It's a locket.
Give me some fuses.
God damn it!
Jane Forks for the giant food I ordered earlier.
Looking in a microscope, I can see dust particles.
You don't need a microscope to see those.
I can see them.
A lot of times have carpeted floors.
How could you possibly come up with this in a dream?
Because it's not a dream.
You're not dreaming these air past memories.
Come in.
You can come in, but don't be fucking around.
This probably one of the most modern tech in the facility.
These five men screens are much nicer than those old C R T monitors.
Why is there a icon on that one?
Let's have some coffee right now.
Too bad the powers that you and me both looking Invisalign means that I have to take it out every time I want to drink coffee, drink coffee in it to power your day.
I know I already had some, but I want more.
They could only keep these out for a certain length of time A day.
It's very, very hurt.
My life is very complicated right now and orders a pandemic going on, but I can't drink.
Coffee Project Murdered Tze was a biological experiment that was created to help the farmers eliminate rodents and other animals that were damaging the crops.
The creature was stronger, more intelligent and more violence than the traditional guard dogs like the Doberman.
Due to a mishandling of the creature, it turned against its masters and escaped the lab facility.
The creature was successfully terminated, but during its escape it took five scientists lives whose identities were hard to determine since the corpses were heavily shredded by the creature.
Oh, did you shredded it?
So is this what actually happened?
And I'm living it out again?
See it all the necessary chemical gases and compounds needed for the experiments.
Testing experiment will begin soon.
First responders successfully completed the gas T K 900 is proving to be destructive and highly lethal for greenhouses ecosystem.
Good experiment.
Great experiment even wouldn't greenhouse.
All right, So you guys are messing around with gases.
Project copper was a biological experiment was conducted on a human test subject.
The intent was to research the limit of cybernetics.
The test subject says subjects right hand left leg and most of the organs.
It's Edward Ellrich.
Except the brain got replaced by the cybernetic counterparts.
The name copper was chosen by the sheer amount of electronics in the body.
And had the skin had run similar to the color of copper oxidation at the start, let's start.
The test subject was cooperative and communicative, but later the test subjects stopped communicating.
It enjoining emotions, reactions to pain or mental stimulate.
The test subject eventually committed suicide.
Ripping an arterial blood vessel the way to go.
I wanna meet this creature.
I want to see what this creature is all about.
Okay, Okay.
This is where I've been already.
All right.
I want to go up the stairs.
There happened.
Phone another few zone a long time.
It's been away.
Pretty hiding them pretty in your ball murder because you go in there if I have to look.
What was that?
Oh, my God.
That scared the shit outta me.
Okay, time to turn the volume down a tad so loud.
Oh, I feel like that was in the room.
All right.
You got a few tricks up your sleeve.
This equipment is so old.
I guess it gets the job done.
So I say about my Doug.
Does it come in?
A Sold against Spooky with the light off?
Let's not do that.
That's a bad idea.
Don't make the loud bang.
He's again though it's legitimately scared The absolute crap out of me.
Wreck in the middle of nowhere, dude.
Meanwhile, in the middle of nowhere.
Who, Coffee?
No, Give me so.
Oh, I need a fresh pot.
I need some fresh beans.
Give me that.
Good old dirty bean water.
Took it to my veins.
Hook me up, Johnny.
I'm ready to go to the land of ever present.
Oh, like that blue slip.
Loose lips Sprint Secrets.
What opposer from the seventies.
Surprisingly, its meaning still holds up.
It's spelled wrong.
A secret.
Something else that I don't know, Secret documents.
Our secret, Doku Men's like Count Count Dooku.
I haven't found a fuse in what feels like 14 years.
Look in the microscope and a short I'm seeing makes God.
Is he dead?
Book looking and microscope.
We can see more plant cells, right?
You're experimented on something.
Gases, plants, animals, bugs, creatures.
Okay, at this point, every day, like microscopes, we're trying to look into the single microscope.
It fills you with determination.
That's a fun reference under Tail Gang.
Sound off in the comments.
If you fucking love under tail, I do.
Looking in a microscope.
I see that someone put together a smile with the dust particles.
Sounds like somebody take the job.
Maybe that's where the dead and abandoned the door's opening air scare anymore.
Only happy thoughts, guys.
Only super happy thoughts while your poop it.
That's all you need.
I've always happy when I'm pooping.
I just love poop in a few.
All right, let's get ready.
We're gonna have to do something.
One of the light.
You're gonna go off, aren't you?
Okay, okay.
Get there, Johnny boy.
Forget what your name actually is.
Oh, it's going to show something in the fucking light at some point.
Oh, I know it.
I know what you're gonna fuck me over.
Oh, God.
I feel everything tensing up.
I feel things getting worse.
Okay, Go, go, go, go, go, go!
It's easy for the light, The light, the secret.
This emotion is ours.
You Hey, you're good.
Yeah, Yeah, I just I'm not feeling that Well, you need a Yes.
No, no, I think I'll be fine.
That's the generator is missing a few fuses trying to find the rest of them.
Now, it's just weird that they're all over the place.
Okay, that's it.
You think?
Sounds good.
That's a little strange.
The fuses should all be in the fuse cabinet.
Where the All over the place.
I don't fucking know.
Why are they all over the place where you don't?
You get off your eyes and try crystal clear picture.
Take a look at the new crystal TV line.
No, thanks.
I'd rather just get the hell out of here.
It's me, your boy.
I didn't ask for a sign.
It's fine, though.
Oh, coffee.
Sweet beans.
Nectar off.
Oh, guards, Titty milk, please give it to me.
I need it.
I'll do anything.
I left the demons.
Come and take up my ass for a tiny bit.
If you let me Just have just a really like coffee.
Who's a coffee?
All right.
Everybody here.
We're going to talk about why all our microphones look like tiny penises.
Oh, shit.
I can't talk about that.
Is top secret reach.
See it?
Can do.
We'll do gotta do You gotta be tine.
It's okay.
I had the fastest legs.
The West Don't call me Johnny Fast legs for nothing.
Go, Johnny boy.
You know space to jump.
Yeah, Spider Man.
Okay, sorry, Spider Man.
I don't mean to make fun of you.
God, I'm actually going too fast.
Okay, Okay, Okay.
Where am I?
This is all collapsed.
Is this part of where we were before doing experiments?
Okay, 80 seconds left.
What happens if I fall?
And I just have to start it again?
Don't fall.
That's the answer.
Should I have died?
Oh, if I feel like to get one Stress boy three attempts.
Oh, I like that.
Well, I fucked that one up.
Sorry, Johnny, because I was getting older and he kept getting caught and stuff, so the platforming wasn't great.
Pretty good.
Now, though, dues.
I see you.
All right.
What's this one gonna be?
Flee to the exit again.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
You can keep running, but you can't get away from your problems.
Johnny boy, that's places.
My What was that?
I saw a creature of the night.
Run, run!
Oh, Dicks!
He's coming for You want Rose?
Jesus crossed, E.
All right.
I got all the fuses on a heart attack to go along with it.
Can I get out of here Also, This It immediately reminded me the guy talking to the girl on the radio reminded me of fire watch.
And now you have the thing in the distance where she probably is on the lookout watching you so heavily inspired by fire watch, I imagine.
What was that about?
I think my watch is great.
Thanks, Kate.
Looks like the missing fuses with the only problem after it.
Doesn't seem right, though.
It feels like these fuses we'll put all over the place like some.
Okay, let's meet up, get out of here.
And then we could talk about it.
I'll wait for you in the main lobby.
All right, I'm on my way.
Doppler effect going on without a generator.
I'm coming, baby.
What did you get killed by?
No, I think it just throws.
Wherever I landed the camera, take a killed by a baboon's arse.
God damn it.
Mornings here.
The mornings Here.
Sunshine is clear.
We made it through night One, folks.
Did I What?
Okay, I Did you skip the first night?
Half of a completed night, Skip the first half of a complete tonight?
So if you go back, you can just skip to the next section.
Okay, Well, I want to leave this episode here.
That was an exhilarating thrill, right?
This is actually really fun.
Um, I like the twist.
It's taken because it's kind of fight nights of Freddie's.
It's kind of Slenderman.
It's gonna all of these indie game elements brought together, and it's actually really well done.
I like I like that when you finish a night, it's not just sitting in your bag doing so.
If I like that there's an an extra element outside of that that's telling a story.
I really feel like this is what five nights that Freddie should have gone for after a while, they just sitting in the security booth and everything.
It was fine.
The 1st 2 games worked really well, but I feel like after that he needed thio, evolve it and develop it further.
And can you imagine if you actually got to walk around the thing rather than being at the security booth and seeing the animatronics back in their place and walking around and having stuff kind of like move and freak out behind you and it would build upon this story.
And then you got to be like the purple guy or whatever.
I don't know the lower of five minutes of Freddie's butt.
If you got to play out some of the sequences from the stories like that, they did it in the old timey C R T scan line, kind of many games in inferno half.
But I feel like something like this would have would have really propelled that Siri's further and evolved it really well, um, so that's why I like it in this.
I like that there's something else to it.
You go around, you get environmental story telling, you get stuff that's going on either.
This happened before, and that's why I'm fucked up, or this is I'm getting elements of reading newspapers after all of that's going to come to fruition, the more you play the game and figure out the story as you go along.
But I like that sitting in the bed, clicking the lamp in all that is not the main thing off the gate.
It's really well done.
I like it a lot so far.
I'm excited to play, and if you're excited to see more of it, you better be fucking destroying that like, But I want to see you like putting up in the ass, scared, frightening, bite off its tones.
Or you can just click the like button.
That's what I've also don't forget to subscribe because a lot of people who watch these videos are partly not subscribe.
The child is like 40%.
I don't know why you choose recommends channels differently all the time.
So if you are not subscribed and you find this channel, then feel free to subscribe.
If you want, I'm gonna play more of this game, so if you want to see more of it, click the bell.
You'll be updated whenever they're episodes.


Try to fall asleep

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