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  • gluten forms.

  • And it's this which will give the planet Tony its structure.

  • Sugar is added.

  • This will feed the growth of the east.

  • Meanwhile, exit cracked and the yorks are separated from the whites.

  • The yolks await and then added to the mix.

  • This recipe calls for egg yolks only, which provide fat to help A most if i the dough and give it flavor to further enrich the flavor.

  • A generous amount of batteries at it, which is then folded into the dough.

  • After being thoroughly mixed, the dough is moved to a container where it's left to rise for 11 hours.

  • This is called proofing the dough.

  • The dough undergoes multiple proof things, but in between each the dough is deflated and return to the mixer.

  • During proofing, the yeast consumed the sugar so more is added to feed the process once again.

  • More of the other ingredients are also I did on the mixing needs them into the dough for an hour.

  • As it does, it creates bands of elasticity, so the dough will stretch as it rises.

  • In the final mixing stage, vanilla extract is added as this is being mixed in the fruits for the Panic Tony are measured out.

  • This recipe calls for two parts raisins, one part candid orange pieces on one part candid lemon, which had been added unmixed into the dough after another proofing the fruited dough mixture is sliced into chunks, each weighing 1.1 kilograms.

  • During baking, some of the water in the door will evaporate, and the panic Tony should end up weighing just a kilogram.

  • Next, each chunk is shaped into a uniformed MT, which then left to rise for an hour in a warm chamber.

  • This is the fourth proofing.

  • Instead of metal pants, Panna Tony will be baked in these paper molds that will also become part of the final packaging.

  • After an hour, the dough chunks have doubled in size.

  • These air then worked in tow around for before being transferred into the paper molds.

  • It's then back into the warming chamber for another proofing.

  • As the door rises, it's contained within the paper moles.

  • After six hours that molds are removed and crosses a cut into the risen dough.

  • Then small knobs of butter are placed in the middle of each cross.

  • After 24 hours of preparation, the panna Tony's and now ready to be baked for 45 minutes at 100 and 60 degrees Celsius out of the oven.

  • Each planet Tony is speared near its base with a metal rod on, then hung upside down where they left too cool for 24 hours.

  • This stretches the warm brats to give them their dome shaped and prevents them from collapsing inwards.

  • Baking sheet belt travels slowly through a long conviction of um, that's heated to 71 degrees Celsius, and here is an inside look at any one time.

  • There are parts for 150 gingerbread kits in this, often exiting the oven baked gingerbread shapes transferred to a spiral conveyor.

  • After 30 minutes, the dough has called confirmed on the pieces for one gingerbread house a stacked onto cardboard there, then ready to be packaged with the rest of the kid.

  • Certain retailers prefer their houses toe arrive assembled, so the gingerbread structure needs to be glued together with sweet cement, which is actually white icing.

  • Made of icing, sugar and egg whites, it's known as royal icing on it dries quickly, giving the house instant structural integrity for the buyer.

  • All that's left is the decorating.

  • Elsewhere in the factory, the icing ingredients for the kits are blended together with the icing ready.

  • Plastic packaging moves towards hot jaws that seal the bottoms.

  • A robot grabs a package on, opens the top on a film muscle pumps the icing in another robot supplies an applicator tip, and heat seals the plastic around it.

  • Tubes full of sugary icing fall onto a conveyor where they retrieved placed into a box for transferred a kid's assembly station.

  • Once packaged, these gingerbread houses already quick builds or slow builds.

  • If your emails, because half of them get eaten before we've even started cylinders, roll the candy thinner.

  • In a process that will dramatically reduce the diameter of the log to candy cane dimensions, a torch moves across the candy to keep it pliable.

  • Then the sugary batch travels between wheels that slim it down even more.

  • Now it's a rope of candy and exits.

  • In a wave like fashion.

  • This gives it some slack so it doesn't stretch as it moves through another set of wheels candy rope moves through to angle belts that twisted and the chain of knives cuts the twisted rope to candy cane size, This production has been perfectly choreographed.

  • One misstep on the job would hit a snob.

  • Here, a roll of cellophane on wines under device wraps it around.

  • The striped candy stick pipes blast hot air to shrink the cellophane on the ends of the canes.

  • Once they're wrapped thes candy sticks.

  • Finally get that crooks.

  • This machine, called a crooked AC, bends the ends of the candy sticks to turn them into cane's.

  • A bracket brush overhead secures the king's gently because although the pliable enough to bend their still franchise, there's a camera inside this robotic arm, which allows it to spot the candy canes on the conveyor belt on Pick them up to It's a time it places them in cardboard.

  • Package is filling them up by the dust.

  • It takes about half an hour to make a box of candy canes on their short to come to a very sticky end.

gluten forms.


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