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  • Ah hehehe

  • Oh man

  • Good morning everyone

  • If you saw my last video then you'll know that right now you should be

  • ???

  • That's right, Self Quarantining

  • Which means you need to be staying at home, away from other people

  • However, you may notice that by just sitting around

  • watching TV and doing nothing,

  • that fat is starting to form in places that

  • you didn't realize were even possible

  • So, what is that body fat called exactly?

  • We are going to be learning some cool, everyday 'Body Fat Slang'

  • that you can learn while you watch your body

  • devolve into a huge hideous blob over the next few months

  • So the first term we are going to learn today is

  • the 'Double Chin'

  • So if you'll start to notice, as you start to eat more and more

  • your fat will start to sag and it'll look like you have two chins

  • That's why it's called a 'Double Chin'

  • If I eat too much, I'll get a 'Double Chin'

  • I'm trying to get rid of my 'Double Chin' by exercising

  • As fat starts to grow here, it's called 'Water Wings'

  • Or 'Arm Flab'

  • Anything that jiggles or moves around

  • That's called 'Arm Flab' or 'Water Wings'

  • Ok and if we move down here to the stomach

  • This is what we call a 'Beer Belly'

  • If you drink a lot of beer, you'll notice the stomach

  • will start to swell up like so, and create a 'Beer Belly'

  • I've been growing a 'Beer Belly' lately

  • from all of the drinking and eating and lack of exercise

  • Some people's bodies like to store fat in the side area

  • This is something that your significant other (ex.

  • husband, wife)

  • can grab.

  • 'Love Handles'

  • When somebody loves you, they can just grab these

  • That's why they're called 'Love Handles'

  • Or, the entire way around.

  • If you're really getting to the next level

  • This is what we call a 'Spare Tire'

  • It essentially looks like you ate a spare tire and it's in your stomach

  • That's why it's called a 'Spare Tire'

  • I'm trying to get rid of my 'Spare Tire' but I can't go outside

  • And, if you take the 'Double Chin', the 'Beer Belly', and the 'Water Wings'

  • This overall lack of attention to maintaining your body is called

  • a 'Dad Bod'

  • And as the name suggests, it's usually meant for men with 'Beer Bellies'

  • As I get older, I notice I am having a 'Dad Bod'

  • I hear 'Dad Bods' are really popular these days

  • If you really wanna take it to the next level

  • As your belly starts to fold over your pants

  • I can't quite get it yet

  • Not quite there, maybe in a month

  • But, this is what we call a 'Muffin Top'

  • When it folds over like a muffin might when you bake it

  • Well, I hope you've had some fun learning those slang terms

  • Here's a good ol' list of them right here

  • Don't worry, next week I'll be talking about various

  • different slang terms for muscles and stretches

  • that you might be seeing in videos, so you can understand them

  • and get into shape

  • Alright, that's all for now

  • See ya later!

Ah hehehe


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ビール腹とは?(体脂肪の話し方の違い) (What is a Beer Belly? (Different ways to talk about body fat))

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