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  • Hi, everyone.

  • Welcome back to my channel.

  • For those of you who are new to the channel, my name is new, but and I'm a South top software engineer.

  • So in this video, I actually wanted to tell you about the platforms where you can learn how to code absolute for free.

  • You want to make sure that you look at all of your options, so make sure you watch this video until the end and stay tuned.

  • Asai already mentioned I learned programming completely on my own.

  • And actually, some of these platforms that I'm going to talk about helped me immensely in this journey on how to coat the first platform that I want to mention to you guys is code academy code Academy is absolutely incredible.

  • And I'm a huge fan of it.

  • Code academy was something that God me started and got me completely hooked on coding.

  • And why, that is, is because co academy is extremely interactive.

  • The lessons are kind of game ified.

  • You coat something and then you see it on the screen right away.

  • So you're like, huh?

  • I want to keep going.

  • And the other amazing things about code academies that Now they offer a huge variety of different courses, ranging from Web development to machine learning or data science.

  • And recently they introduced this notion of a path path, unfortunately, is not free.

  • Where is a lot of other stuff on code academy?

  • A lot of other courses are free, but path is essentially a certificate where you say, OK, I want to become a data scientist and then they tell you about all the courses that you need to take, and they have premium content available, and you kind of get certified on this course at the end.

  • More than 24 million people use code academy to this day, myself included.

  • And you guys want to make sure that you check out Code Academy next up.

  • One of my other absolute favorites is coursera.

  • Corsair was actually started by Stanford professors.

  • And how for Sarah is different is that old courses offered on course era are legit university courses.

  • Let's say Princeton has this algorithm scores, which they actually do course era has the absolute same course taught by the same exact professor is just online for you to take and take complete advantage of that, which is incredible.

  • I got started with course There are also I took interest programming and python there.

  • I took those Princeton forces that I just mentioned on algorithms and data structures.

  • Corsair is incredible.

  • Besides coding, you can learn absolutely anything on course era range and again from public speaking to public health.

  • So it's not just about coding, but incredible for programming as well.

  • Next step I would like to talk about get huh?

  • Get home might be a little counterintuitive because get how is actually a software development platform on top of version control software get and it's used by people absolutely, all over the world.

  • And it's used by myself since the beginning of how I was learning to code as well.

  • And I currently work at Airbnb.

  • They use enterprise companies use get Hubble the time.

  • So if you guys, by the way, are not familiar with my story and my background, make sure to subscribe to this channel by back to get help.

  • Get have actually got acquired by Microsoft last year, for I think about a 1,000,000,000 some incredible amounts and why I'm saying get out was amazing.

  • To learn programming is because there is a ton of open source projects on Get Hub.

  • Besides that, there is a lot of libraries with actual software development courses and books that you can take advantage off, absolutely free of charge.

  • And with respect to open software with open source software, you can actually just contribute to a legit projects that people all over the world are working on and learn to code by doing by actually contributing, which is actually the best way to learn once you already know the fundamental.

  • So I would definitely urge you guys to check out, get Hub for learning how to code next up.

  • I want to talk about free code camp.

  • Free code camp is actually a whole community off people who are learning to code together.

  • Three Code camp is a nonprofit, it's completely free of charge.

  • And what is amazing about Free Quote camp is that they have a huge variety.

  • Of course, is they have a community blawg, where people share their experiences.

  • Experts share their expertise again.

  • It's completely flee.

  • Three code camp actually provides a variety off program and challenges.

  • Also, you sold as part of this huge worldwide programming community, and they offer you completely free of charge courses and tutorials to help you sold these challenges.

  • They also have an incredible YouTube channel that you guys should check out.

  • My Constance was actually also featured on free code camp, and I think it's an incredible community, an incredible platform where you can build real relationships while learning how to code.

  • Amazing and last but not least, one of my other favorite is Can Academy.

  • Khan Academy was actually one of the forest.

  • Oh gee, it online learning platforms.

  • It was founded in 2006 so I can't imagine it's, like, 13 years ago, a really long time ago, and I personally took a lot of classes in Cannes Academy.

  • Also, I remember when I struggled with calculus in college, I would always go to Cannes Academy to watch their tutorials.

  • Their classes are taught by actual experts.

  • They have an army of teachers that create these interactive online courses for program, and specifically, the difficulty ranges from completely dinner to advance.

  • So no matter what stage in your program and journey you're in, you can definitely take advantage off can Academy and that is it.

  • I hope you guys are inspired to start your journey, check out these platforms.

  • They're completely free of charge.

  • I would love for you to take advantage of all the knowledge that is now available completely for free G to the power off the Internet.

  • Let me know if you have any favorite platforms that I I don't know about or I didn't mention in this video and leave a comin down the low.

  • And I hope you guys have a wonderful, wonderful day.

  • Stay motivated, Stay productive, Stay amazing and bye for now.

Hi, everyone.


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