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  • even your music videos.

  • You're in them.

  • But then you don't check him.

  • No, I don't want to know the results of anything.

  • I have, like a rule in my life.

  • If you work with me, if you work for me, I think it's important.

  • Have integrity in your work and do what you do.

  • And but at the end, once it's done, I can't control if the people like it love it.

  • What charts?

  • How many things that I don't want to know.

  • Because if it's shitty, that sucks.

  • But the difference is blessed, didn't they?

  • They sent it Wasn't your last video.

  • They said they wanted you to check and you went, Oh, yeah, the video for this.

  • I had a single called Love you anymore.

  • And so I went out to the beach in Malibu and I shot Beautiful.

  • It was a beautiful model who did it with me, and I didn't want to look at it because I don't look at stuff.

  • And so I came home to my wife and I say, Hey, baby, can you just look at this and just tell me if if there's places don't look good, I look fat or whatever, like you know.

  • And so she looked at it and then this is true to this is not making this up.

  • She looked at the video and she looked at me.

  • She said, Hoist the in the video.

  • You know, you're an actress.

  • My wife's an actress.

  • She has love scenes all the time with these good looking guys.

  • I said I was just on the beach with this girl.

  • This and I didn't do that, did nothing.

even your music videos.


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