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  • passwords are effective online life.

  • They keep our information safe, and they give us access to the stuff we like.

  • But remembering passwords can be tricky.

  • It's why most of us we use the same password is often as we can.

  • And when we can't, they had numbers, symbols or capital letters to the password.

  • We know in love thinking that will make our passwords easier to remember.

  • But in reality, it just makes it harder.

  • Keeping track of your passwords can be challenging and traditional methods like writing them down.

  • You're just resetting them again and again.

  • Re They're not particularly secure.

  • We're really inconvenient.

  • Fortunately for Google users, you don't have to worry about remembering a password ever again.

  • That's because your Google account has a built in password manager that can save your passwords in chrome, an android, fill them in when needed and help keep them safe.

  • Protected with Google's best in class security, everything you save in the password manager is available through the cloud.

  • Just log into password stock, google dot com or find the password manager in your Google account to see and manage all your safe passwords in a secure and central place that only you can access.

  • And the next time you're using chrome, simply save new passwords to your Google account when prompted.

  • Password Manager also comes with password checkup, a quick, step by step guide that examines and strengthens the security of your passwords.

  • Now the only password you'll ever need to remember is your Google password.

  • Your password manager will take care of all the rest.

passwords are effective online life.


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Googleアカウントに内蔵されたパスワードマネージャー (A built-in password manager in your Google Account)

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