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  • the idea to do this story.

  • The Night Ability A darty on the shore of Lake Geneva came from Maxine Alderton, the writer.

  • She's a fan of Mary, Shelley and Byron and that whole period off their writings, something to awaken.

  • Thrilling horror wth E first science fiction novel came from this night, so we just thought, What amazing place to take our characters Modern SciFi meets the original site.

  • There's nothing to be afraid off writing, and if so, set a meeting 16 does require a lot of research.

  • I think they're diaries, letters found as many biographies.

  • I could call it a historical experience, that gold.

  • I think the thing that struck me most when Max started talking about was how young they were on Dhe, their ages at that time, and Byron, in his mid twenties, was the oldest one there.

  • I'm intensely flattered.

  • You're familiar with my work.

  • Just Dr.

  • It's fine.

  • Mary, at this point in time is 18.

  • She Loped with her husband to be Percy Shelley when she was only 16.

  • She's traveled extensively abroad on At this point in time, she's come to Switzerland with her step sister because her stepsister is very interested in Byron is mad, bad and dangerous to know.

  • He's kind of the equipment of a rock star, very famous for his works.

  • And he's hounded wherever he goes by.

  • Fans at this point in time is in the midst of a scandal.

  • His wife discovered that people and faithful know all sorts of rumors about an affair with his half sister, so he had no choice but to flee the country on Travel A Ball, What relics of war We know from diaries and accounts of his travels that wherever he went, he would try and collect something quite card.

  • So he was a fan of skulls of bones.

  • Anything to do with war.

  • Innocent fascination lies from you.

  • The poem that Max found, written by Byron, which we use at the end of the episode, talks about the doctor, not literally poetically, but as soon as she pointed out to us like you have to end the episode with this because it sounds like he's writing about the doctor.

  • The winds withered in the stagnant air on the clouds perished.

  • It mentions the lines she is the universe on.

  • When we realize that we thought what a brilliant weaving together off fact and fiction.

  • Darkness had no need of aid from them.

  • She was the universe.

  • Oh!

the idea to do this story.


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