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  • coming to you from his house in Los Angeles.

  • It's coded broken.

  • I'm Andy Richter tonight.

  • Sean Hayes.

  • Now here is Conan O Brien, everybody, Conan O'Brien here.

  • Uh, wow.

  • Already Thursday, this is our fourth show.

  • Hard to believe this week is really flying by.

  • No, it's not.

  • Nobody is saying no.

  • No one's used that phrase once since the quarantine went into effect.

  • Really flying by this week, I tell you.

  • But we are having fun, and things are actually moving.

  • Ah, little more quickly than I thought.

  • Wonderful week of shows And tonight, Sean Hayes is joining us, thrilled to have him.

  • We've been getting terrific guest Thio pipe up and join us in this madness.

  • Really a wonderful time.

  • Odd circumstances to be doing a show I have to say I had a friend the other day, asked me Ah, Conan is gonna be weird to be doing a show and telling jokes and not getting a reaction.

  • And I said, I've been doing that for 26 years because because I don't get a lot of laughs.

  • That's the joke there.

  • Anyway, uh, I did ask my family if they would help me out by applauding.

  • When I walked into a room because I missed the applause, I said, Hey, you guys mind applauding When I walk into the room and they thought about it, They said, Here's a compromise.

  • We'll applaud when you walk out of a room so they hate me.

  • But all of us are in the same boat.

  • We're getting through this best we can.

  • We're finding little ways to amuse ourselves.

  • I've taken up whittling.

  • That's something I've been doing lately.

  • I thought you guys were into it, but it's fun.

  • You just get a piece of wood and get yourself a knife and you just start working away on the edges a little bit, and then you can start to kind of dive down and get into a little more detail as you go.

  • Patience, Patience is key because it doesn't happen quickly.

  • It's something that takes time and you're gonna make mistakes.

  • I've just begun.

  • I'm not very good at it, but I do the best that I can, and then you get, you know, to something like this.

  • Like I said, I'm just starting out just trying.

  • Um, yeah, that's the caliber of the stuff we're gonna be doing here on the show.

  • That's called the old Switcheroo.

  • Me?

  • You've been in the business for a while.

  • You're familiar with the old switch A Rooney.

  • He's got one block of wood, but then he's got something on you.

  • Okay, Okay.

  • You were way out of me.

  • I don't want to waste your time because that's not my purpose.

  • And I don't need to.

  • I don't need to waste time because we have so much good comedy and television for you.

  • If you could even call this television anymore, I don't know what it is, but, uh, we have great infotainment for you this evening.

  • Now, I want to do something useful in this part of the program.

  • Up top.

  • I thought I'd do a public service message for all those essential workers out there who are on the road.

  • Updates for the l A area.

  • Right now.

  • It looks like 405 is clear.

  • 1 34 clear.

  • One a one.

  • Clear.

  • The I 10 clear.

  • The 1 10 clear to 10.

  • Clear.

  • I five clear.

  • 60 Clear.

  • Highway one, clear.

  • 105 Clear.

  • 7 10 Clear.

  • 605 Clear route to clear.

  • 15.

  • Clear to 15.

  • Clear my colon.

  • Clear that to you.

  • Chat in.

coming to you from his house in Los Angeles.


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