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  • also on the front lines this evening with the paramedics, of course, the first responders there answering those 911 calls.

  • And we all have to remember that they are often the first to come in contact with patients who have the virus.

  • And so a B C's even pilgrim tonight on the ground in Queens, New York Tonight in Queens, the epicenter of the New York City outbreak, E.

  • M s workers are the infantry, and they are overwhelmed The number of calls to New York's 911 system skyrocketing.

  • Every call is treated as a potential Corona virus patient.

  • We followed them at a safe distance on several calls.

  • This woman says her aunt is Cove it 19 positive and has pneumonia.

  • This is her second trip to the hospital.

  • Scared.

  • I'm scared for her.

  • With 20% of the M S force out sick, the ones that can work are working nearly nonstop, sometimes with only limited protective gear, many afraid of infecting their families at home, dozens and dozens of members for sleeping in their cars because they don't want to bring it to the John.

  • Rogan hasn't seen his son in a week last night.

  • You said when you gonna come get me?

  • I told you when everybody stopped going come sick when they stopped going to heaven.

  • Right now, every call is a risk arrest.

  • Travis Castle and his fellow emergency responders are willing to take to help those in need.

  • Are you worried?

  • Yeah.

  • Um, I know we're gonna come down with this at this point.

  • It's not a question of if we are going to get it, but how bad we're going to get it.

  • They are the heroes on the front lines and even pilgrim with us tonight.

  • That's an incredible snapshot of what's playing out in New York every hour here in the city as we see those ambulances racing past us, even on our way into a work.

  • You see those lights and we cannot forget that this is happening all over the country.

  • Eva and I know you talked with those paramedics today.

  • They're getting help from FEMA Now.

  • That's right, David.

  • Help is on the way.

  • Mayor Bill de Blasio announcing a partnership with FEMA to bring 200 more ambulances and about 500 GMs workers from all over the country right here to New York City.

  • David even.

  • Thank you for that report tonight.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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also on the front lines this evening with the paramedics, of course, the first responders there answering those 911 calls.


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クイーンズの救急隊員と数時間過ごした。 (A few hours spent with EMS workers in Queens)

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