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  • I might be breaking some doctor-patient confidentiality

  • agreements to show you this, but here's a sneak

  • peek of Season 3 in "Billions."

  • All I see is jail and the company I spent my lifetime

  • building up reduced to rubble.

  • MAGGIE SIFF: Axe is kind of a mess.

  • So they sit down, and they go through a technique

  • lifted from Tony Robbins called the Dickens process.

  • I take you to specific moments in your life.

  • Use them to jump into the future.

  • You get to experience different possible versions of your life,

  • like in the--

  • Like in the "Christmas Carol," hence, Dickens.

  • Let's find a moment early on when your rage served you.

  • Close your eyes.

  • The rage worked like jet fuel for years.

  • WENDY: It was useful.

  • Yeah, fuck, yeah, it was.

  • It got me here.

  • MAGGIE SIFF: He makes some progress.

  • But what I sort of enjoy about the scenes, like,

  • you see him kind of register and shift, but not a lot.

  • WENDY: Where do you see yourself in five years

  • if you continue to carry the weight of this anger?

  • For a therapist, I think you can only move people so far.

  • Fuck Dickens.

  • So the goal that she has in the scene is a very modest one.

  • And I think she gets him there.

  • Now you knew exactly where your focus needs to be,

  • where you need to be, at the office.

  • Make sure to catch new episodes

  • of "Billions" only on Showtime.


I might be breaking some doctor-patient confidentiality


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マギー・シフとのスニーク・ピーク|ビオンズ|シーズン3 (Sneak Peek w/ Maggie Siff | Billions | Season 3)

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