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  • on this episode of china uncensored duck, duck

  • there's a lot of dead ducks here

  • i wouldn't johnson's it on your house chris chapel china continues to inspire

  • people towards vegetarianism with the caramel of dead animals

  • it keeps washing up in people's water supplies

  • by recently reported that six thousand decades washed up in a major shanghai

  • river

  • authorities think they were dumped by pig farms upstream after the pigs died

  • of disease which is of course ridiculous how could a couple of pig farms dumped

  • six thousand dead pigs

  • obviously that number should be much higher

  • seven thousand

  • yon

  • eight thousand kamon china has next to no regulations at least on businesses

  • ten thousand are you can fight so there are a lot of dead pigs

  • fourteen thousand would be too little

  • how about sixteen thousand disease dead pigs in their drinking water

  • do you know how many mika read you could make with them

  • technically none the grades aren't actually made out of pork but you get

  • the idea

  • and it's not just shanghai where people had turned the rivers into graveyards in

  • hunan studio city they found another one hundred dead pigs then right around the

  • corner and trying to stop italy found fifty more

  • and it wasn't just pains

  • one local authorities said they were dead chickens and ducks to

  • and it wasn't just in hunan province

  • sichuan province had half thousand dead docs

  • thousand dead docs

  • don't worry though officials are saying even though they don't know where all

  • the dead animals are coming from or why they're dying like it's going out of

  • business

  • the water safe to drink and there's no risk to humans

  • you know this is looking more and more like a biblical plague tumi so let's see

  • we've got blood frogs hale this is passed on ps

  • locust darkness

  • was the last one

  • old boy

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  • once again i'm chris chapel see you next time

on this episode of china uncensored duck, duck


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デッドダックがいっぱい!|無修正動画|中国無修正| 無修正版|中国無修正 (There's a lot of Dead Ducks Here! | China Uncensored)

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