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What's up.
Guys weren't perfect.
Welcome to our video with Tim McGraw.
I'm just kidding.
Tim's downstairs.
Let's go, D'oh ball!
They play guitar.
Yeah, way.
This'll really?
It's more like an out.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm tired from dude.
Perfect your drawers, Tim McGraw Way, Aaron.
An exclusive dude.
Perfect interview where?
You know, you're not really sure what's gonna happen, But it's unlike any other interview Tim's probably ever done.
Don't look in my password.
How do you know this is muscle fitness is got a tie pointer.
I gotta be honest.
I'm a little insecure standing next year, and I feel like I need to drop down and maybe just crank out a few of these before.
Got inches, okay?
Shopping on an escalator with my best buds.
Gonna go drink some buckets?
I heard that.
We've got a birthday coming up and wait.
Got You know something?
Don't you read the card allowed.
First front.
I hope you have a birthday that makes you feel really special.
Because after all you are, you are so sweet.
We got you a little gift card.
Originally, there was $10 Starbucks gift card and I kept a gift receipt, but, uh, I got a little thirsty in line and I actually got a cup of coffee, so there's only 7 56 96 99 Something like that.
This is the one shot my mom said, Don't ever get somebody gift card and not actual president, because that's just not very thoughtful.
Got you're really high quality, president.
A bacon bowl of bacon boat.
And you know it's perfect for on the road.
How do you travel around most, Most.
Most plays plane.
You fly yourself sometimes.
Sometimes maybe you have a copilot.
They can cook you up a bacon.
Told you know you could cook bacon and fly at the same time I got All right.
So I'm gonna take a selfie with you.
One of my all time favorite songs.
You did Indian outlaw.
I think there's some words that go something like I could kill a deer buffalo with just your arrows in your hickory Move from 100 yards.
I don't know how you do it all.
So surely you could hit Kobe from about five feet away?
No, that was a terrible boat.
Anyway, that was a terrible gift.
Timbering make sure they're ready down there.
Tim, You guys ready?
You got it.
They're ready to go down.
I called him.
This is a finger roll from a catalogue.
Being a public figure much like us, you just get swamped.
Way really is.
We never leave the house without a couple.
Fake mustache is me too.
Yeah, I was gonna I was gonna give you a couple of these if you wanted to try.
I and I usually do.
Kind of like Australian accent when I put this one on, you know, kind of like keep.
All right.
Hey, wait.
Get around town that nobody knows the way.
This'll ones for you, Tim.
Thank you.
Watch you guys.
Make sure you go to motor oil.
Reimagine dot com to Seymour.
Where do you Perfect from Timber Grove.
And we're signing off.
Click up here to see our last video click up here to play our iPhone game, Tim.


Tim McGraw Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

林宜悉 2020 年 4 月 1 日 に公開
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