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  • In the meantime, though, we turned to a B C's Kyra Phillips, who's in Washington, D.

  • C.

  • With all of the latest headlines.

  • Good afternoon, Keira.

  • Hi, Amy.

  • Great to see you with some of the developments that we're keeping on eye on here.

  • Take a look at this surreal snapshot from New York City's Central Park and the field hospitals that are being built there.

  • Emergency construction is underway due to the number of diagnose Corona virus cases that are still on the rise, and some instant CART and Amazon employees are extremely unhappy about the level of protections provided to them during this pandemic.

  • Are Rebecca Jarvis with the latest on that?

  • Now how Rebecca, a week ago the insta cart's CEO said this is the busiest time in the company's history, with Maura and more Americans relying on the service to collect their groceries.

  • Insta Card is even hiring 300,000 additional employees to keep up with that demand.

  • But the current employees, the current insta CART shoppers, say they don't feel safe at work.

  • They're asking for additional protection, including masks, hand wipes, hand sanitizer and $5 hazard pay.

  • For each delivery they would also like the default for tips set to 10%.

  • Insta card has now responded, saying that they are manufacturing hand sanitizer through 1/3 party, and they will be giving that hand sanitizer to their shoppers.

  • Just today, workers at an Amazon facility here in New York and Staten Island said they will be walking out because they don't feel safe inside of their quarters after some of their employees have tested positive for covert 19.

  • Kira, Rebecca thanks so much and heading overseas now, where the latest country under lock down is Moscow, Authorities there have ordered everyone to stay home with no end in sight so far.

  • And meanwhile, in Wuhan, the epicenter of the Corona virus, life continues to slowly come back to normal.

  • Some of the malls there are reopening with limited hours while temperatures are still being checked and masks are required for everyone and then back here at home.

  • Take a look at this image of heroism at work medical professionals, first responders on that Southwest flight from Atlanta to New York, ready to pitch in where the impact of this virus is still quite severe.

  • And Amy, when you think about it, really.

  • Everyone is a responder in this crisis.

  • All of us have responsibilities now, even if it is just following the guidelines and we've been getting from the medical experts on a daily basis, it's just great to see these efforts daily.

  • That's right, and we all have our roles to play.

  • Kira, Thank you so much.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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In the meantime, though, we turned to a B C's Kyra Phillips, who's in Washington, D.


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ニューヨークのセントラルパークに建設される野戦病院のシュールなスナップショット (Surreal snapshots of field hospitals being built in NYC’s Central Park)

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