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  • is the legendary co founder of Apple Patient Zero for the Corona virus in the U.

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  • Steve Wozniak tweeted that he and his wife were both sick after returning from a cruise vacation in Asia in early January.

  • We had just returned from China and may have both been patient zero in us.

  • I spoke with him today as he recovers from the worst illness he says he's ever experienced.

  • Do you believe that you possibly could have been patient zero for Corona virus in the United States?

  • It's absolutely possible.

  • I know, that if we returned today from Hong Kong with the symptoms we had, we would be candidates for testing in quarantine immediately, he says.

  • During his trip, he came in contact with a tourist from Wuhan, the epicenter of the worldwide crisis.

  • How close were you next to that person who said they were from Wuhan?

  • Only for a second, just, you know, armed arm, you know, for a selfie laws.

  • Next wife Janet says her illness was so severe she started coughing up blood.

  • I literally thought I was gonna die.

  • The Woz next flew home to California before the Corona virus outbreak became front page news.

  • Is it possible that they inadvertently spread the virus upon their return?

  • Nobody really knows.

  • But the Woz next contacted the CDC, and we're told they can no longer retested for Corona virus because their symptoms have subsided.

  • We may have had it unbelieving all the possibilities open until I know.

  • As Corona Virus continues to spread, more people are refusing to greet each other with handshakes.

  • Singer James Taylor seems confused on live with Kelly and Ryan.

  • This morning.

  • This bump or handshake, the host at the Today Show offered up this alternative way to say Hello Heart through the N.

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  • Is advising players to fist bump vans instead of high fiving them.

  • Apparently even the queen is taking precautions.

  • She wore long gloves at a knighting ceremony today for the first time in 60 years.

is the legendary co founder of Apple Patient Zero for the Corona virus in the U.


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B1 中級 新型コロナウイルス 新型肺炎 COVID-19

アップルの共同創設者は、彼がコロナウイルス患者ゼロかもしれないと考えている (Apple Co-Founder Thinks He May Be Coronavirus Patient Zero)

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