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Airforce balloonist Captain Joseph Kittinger Jr. is laced into an elaborate pressure suit
in preparation for a daring ascent into the stratosphere.
Kittinger who weighs 150 lbs. packs a 155 lbs. of suit and equipment.
The scientific goals of Kittinger’s ascent are to test a new 6′ stabilizer parachute,
designed to keep an ultra-high altitude jumper
from spinning and blacking out before he can open the main chute.
The balloon reaches the height of 19 1/2 miles.
Ok, do you read me Felix?
Activate suit and chest pack cameras.
Suit and chest pack cameras are on…
I can see the red lights.
Felix, disconnect the oxygen hose.
Ok, Joe I’m ready.
There it is, there’s the world out there.
Release seat belt.
Alright, stand up on the exterior step,
keep your head down, and our Guardian Angel will take care of you.
Ok, I’m doing it now.
Release the helmet tie-down strap.
I wish you could see what I can see.
Sometimes, you have to be up really high
to understand how small you are.
I’m coming home now.
See if you can get a respiratory count.
Speed Five Hundred Forty-Six.
You’ve been falling twenty-five seconds.
Speed six hundred miles per hour.
Six-fifty miles per hour.
Speed seven hundred.
Felix you calling me?
Can anybody understand him?
One minute. One minute free fall.
- anything!
I have been in a violent spin
for a long time.
Feels like I have to pass out.
Slow down, he’s got it, he’s got it, he’s got it wooooo
Showing Felix in a stable descent.
One minute and thirty seconds and stable as a rock.
Two minutes into freefall.
I’m hauling ass.
Felix you’re really stable, and you’ve fallen three and a half minutes.
Four minutes freefall.
I’m pulling my parachute.
We have a good chute on Felix and eight thousand feet.
Parachute deployed.
That was really tough.
Felix we are so proud of you.
You did absolutely fabulous… absolutely fabulous.
I couldn’t have done any better myself.
Field Med Go.
Great going Felix. Great going buddy.
An automatic camera in the gondola films the leap
and Kittinger falls free plummeting 16 miles before opening his chute.
His maximum speed 450 miles an hour
but the mission is a complete success.
He hits the New Mexico desert with four new records.


GoPro: Red Bull Stratos - The Full Story

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