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  • visas Today, I've got more creativity for you, but not the kind you have to buy or wait for thes air.

  • 10 things you could do online now, guys Dawn Sign Minister nine recommended a great game where you have to jump to avoid holes in the floor.

  • Of course, jumping onto the walls makes them the new floor.

  • A similarly cool perspective element is found in Sky Island, recommended by Little Sputnik.

  • It begins as a classic Tootie game, but then it gets difficult.

  • So you have to use your mouse to click and drag to reveal hidden dimensions and solve the puzzles in ways that would be impossible without three dimensions.

  • Now let's get some action.

  • Gun Blood is a game based on the classic Western Shootout.

  • You have to cover your mouth over the barrel and wait for the countdown, then drop.

  • It's kind of scary.

  • One of the most famous games is Powder game.

  • You can arrange materials like a C four box filled with nitro glycerin with a fuse.

  • Now many of you have probably played it already.

  • But if you'd like to play with gravity instead of pressure, try Aeon.

  • I found it pretty difficult, but basically all you have to do is arrange gravity wells to suck gas out of gas giants and pull it into rings.

  • Stabilize the exchange and you win another game.

  • So famous.

  • I'm afraid to mention it is Line Rider.

  • Now you draw a line and then press play and send the guy sliding down it.

  • But here is a fun twist.

  • Solids Skier is a fast paced, real time line rider.

  • Click anywhere and Bam!

  • You're drawing a skier slope guide into checkpoints and give him a little quick hills tow.

  • Launch him into the air if you prefer problem solving and riddles you might like not prawn.

  • This game calls itself the hardest riddle available on the Internet, and with the possible exception of Tim Tangs test, it's probably right.

  • You'll have to super think outside the box for this one.

  • Each puzzle is a picture with different types of clues in a hidden solution, for instance, Look up here, it says.

  • Look in the dark.

  • Mm hm.

  • Let's get cuter with little wheel.

  • It's pretty much appointed click game, but the animation is beautiful and your cute little robot guy has to get the power back so his friends can function.

  • Finally, a website suggested by kind of semi pro your world of text dot com.

  • It's like the cursor site I showed you last week, except with text.

  • You can see people writing stuff and add your own in real time.

  • You can even add a slash and a word to create your own private world of text.

  • For instance, to find out what is missing from this video, go to your world of tex dot com slash be sons.

  • Now someone may have changed it or deleted it by the time you get there.

  • But, hey, that's the magic of the Internet and, as always, subscribed to the sauce for more and tell your friends to subscribe.

  • No, no, no.

visas Today, I've got more creativity for you, but not the kind you have to buy or wait for thes air.


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