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  • Aghhh-okay.

  • Good morning, John.

  • Two years before you emailed me and told me that it was a good idea to make a bunch of weird video blogs

  • on a weird new platform called YouTube, you published your first book.

  • A book that did a thing that books like it

  • don't really do that often.

  • Not only was it a book about, like, real people in the real world that did okay,

  • it kept doing okay, and in fact kept doing better.

  • And now that book, that is 13 years old,

  • is being turned into an eight-episode miniseries on Hulu.

  • No, we're not getting a movie, it's better than a movie, because there's more of it!

  • I know that you've been waiting for this for a very long time and I'm- I'm really excited and really hap-

  • I just want to watch it!

  • And this is a reminder of something I've learned

  • several times over the 38 years that it took to become a 38 year old:

  • You never know how things are gonna go, and you don't know when hard work is gonna pay off.

  • And also you don't know if it's gonna pay off. It might never, but it also might just take a while.

  • Last week I was at the YouTube Creator Summit, which is where YouTube flies a bunch of Youtubers to a fancy hotel and then we yell at them, basically.

  • I was a little bit expecting to be seen

  • as like, what I am- which is like, old and useless and yesterday's news. And look, I'm not down about this.

  • I got a book. It's very exciting. Crash Course and SciShow are doing amazingly well.

  • But it's season 12 here on Vlogbrothers, and that- like, in TV, that doesn't happen. And I'm fully aware the people who are getting popular on

  • YouTube right now are often like making feature films

  • seven days a week to make it on this platform, but I'm sitting here in front of the same bookshelf

  • I was sitting in front of

  • back when shawty was pulling on her apple-bottom jeans and the furry boots for the first time.

  • How is this still working? I'm not asking questions!

  • But at this point I know next to nothing about how to get popular on YouTube. I know that it's hard,

  • I know that it's rare,

  • I know that when it happens

  • it's not because you had a really great idea, or you really worked your butt off, or you got really lucky or you had access

  • to resources or knowledge that other people didn't have access to- it's because all of those things happened at the same time.

  • I don't have any special knowledge. The last time I created a YouTube channel from scratch, smartphones

  • didn't exist. Oh God.

  • But, I do know about some of the mistakes that I've made and that other creators have made. I know a little bit about

  • what to do and not do once you start to have an audience, and also I know

  • what to do when you realize that maybe that's not going to last forever.

  • This is a fantastic job that I love and that I want as many people as possible to have, but the highs can be very high and the

  • lows can be very low. On YouTube, and really all social media,

  • you got these numbers

  • right down here, always telling you how many people are watching, how many people liked it and how many people didn't like it. Because they're so

  • objective and concrete, it's very easy to let those numbers take over as a kind of surrogate for how much you matter.

  • But what goes up must come down, and here on Vlogbrothers

  • we've seen enough up and down and up and down to not have our self-worth so tied up in it.

  • But getting to this point was a process.

  • I worry a lot about younger creators, both big and small

  • but I also have a lot of hope. I think a greater and greater percentage of people are gonna be able to be

  • professional creators because of the fracturing of fame, because of the rise of new patronage models. But on that path,

  • there's a lot of pitfalls and anything that I can do

  • personally to make that easier for other people- that's stuff I want to do, and I honestly hope that that becomes a bigger and bigger

  • part of my professional life.

  • And because I like this job so much, if I can help other people have it and help them have it in a

  • productive way that is healthy,

  • that's like the best possible outcome for me. Which is part of why I'm headed to VidCon very soon!

  • If you're Community Track, the signing lottery is open right now and it's gonna be closing,

  • so I just wanted to mention that, so if you want to get into any of the signings, you need to buy tickets very soon.

  • And I'm working on my Creator Track talk which is part of why I've been thinking about this stuff so much.

  • But it's hard to have advice that works for everybody because all kinds of creators are so different from each other.

  • But here's a little bit: A Hulu series? That is very, very cool.

  • And it is something that happens to basically no-one. But John, nothing you and I have ever done is as good as finding joy in

  • making stuff and finding a great community to make it inside of and also maybe

  • finding a little bit of faith in humanity.

  • John, congratulations, for real. I'll see you on Tuesday.

  • This is the end screen song.

  • (sung) Jason Derulo!



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