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  • deep.

  • The North Queensland Parker is at Eureka Creek.

  • Ah, 30 acres stretch of virgin ground owned by the Fitzgerald family ground so remote it was never mind by the old timers We nicked it are going down.

  • But the power.

  • After running a yard of virgin dirt, Parker is ready to see if the ground at Eureka Creek is profitable enough to mine in his off season.

  • She is.

  • Is the cleanup never just got a pan it off.

  • Hopefully, we'll get a bit of a result.

  • Analysts proved that there's something you think is crust that Oh, look at that.

  • That's probably damn close to Grandma.

  • By comparison, we hope for a gram per three yards.

  • Yeah, Roy.

  • So 1/3 of a Grammy Yard.

  • And that's stripping 10 feet of frozen mud off the top.

  • You guys don't have the stripping, neither for, you know, a permafrost in your terms.

  • That's extremely rich ground.

  • Yeah, grounds.

  • Amazing.

  • I mean, in the Yukon right now we're looking at ground like good ground is 20 bucks yard.

  • That's really good way.

  • We average about 15.

  • Yeah, this is 40.

  • Yeah, with no stripping.

  • Parker's estimate makes Eureka Creek the richest ground he's ever mind or prospected.

  • Maybe Mom and Dad should keep it up.

  • You're the wrong person to bring testing.

  • It's a really good task.

  • We've done a great job.

  • That was an old intact.

  • It was really good.

  • Good on you.

  • I'm glad you got us in here, Terry.

  • If we're serious about doing something and if you and your family are serious as well, then I'd be I'd be coming back.

  • But at this point, it's up to you.

  • You and your family.

  • Mom and Dad's gonna make a decision at the end of the day off.

  • Can't really saying what they're gonna do yet it's really up to them.



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パーカーが有望なバージングラウンドを発見!?| ゴールドラッシュ:パーカーの軌跡 (Parker Finds Promising Virgin Ground! | Gold Rush: Parker's Trail)

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