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  • signed with the Saints.

  • He's really about to win a super with things we have to play day.

  • I'm gonna be out of the playoffs by that time and I have three touchdowns for 300 yards.

  • Give what's Dad's Gold for 400 yards?

  • Five touchdowns against us, about half five touchdown or 500 yard and it intersects.

  • I hope he does.

  • So we'd get Jason care fighting.

  • We're number 88.

  • It wasn't doing that good anyway.

  • I don't even I'm getting that.

  • I would like to think in terms.

  • How does Skyland hands to have a job?

  • Interest?

  • Me.

  • I'm happy for dead.

  • What is the administration's jersey?

  • I wouldn't want to go to the brows, either.

  • Gets to go play of Drew Brees.

  • Man, I wouldn't want to go to the Ravens either.

  • Could've had champagne as our head coach, But no, we have to clap her.

  • Now we get to see how good days is without Scotland.

  • Man was playing people on Madden the other day.

  • Now we get the point of the same you wanna see Does throwing up the X for another team?

  • DaMarcus Ware left.

  • I got a Subaru with the Broncos.

  • The only way you can win a super on the Cowboys is if you leave the team.

  • At least one cowboy will be in competition from Super Bowl.

  • I'm a grown man.

signed with the Saints.


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カウボーイズのファン デズがセインツと契約したとき (Cowboys Fans When Dez signed with the Saints)

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