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  • Billions of people around the world are trying to celebrate this holiday season with ease and cheer.

  • But why do the holidays always seem to end up sucking?

  • Let's start with waste.

  • 8,000,000 tons of plastic enters the ocean every year,

  • which is the equivalent of dumping a garbage truck of trash in the ocean EVERY MINUTE.

  • This problem becomes even more elevated every year during the holidays.

  • Between Thanksgiving and New Year's, Americans throw out

  • 25% more trash than during the rest of the year.

  • In the UK alone, enough wrapping paper is used to wrap around the equator 9 times.

  • The holidays are also bad for your heart!

  • Heart specialists refer to this time of year as the 'Merry Christmas Coronary'

  • or the 'Happy New Year Heart Attack'.

  • This is because there are consistently 1/3 more coronary deaths recorded in December and

  • January, than there are from June to September.

  • Cold weather CAN actually increase blood pressure,

  • but researchers actually conducted these studies in the consistently warm Los Angeles.

  • The reasons for these fatalities is more likely related to emotional stress,

  • unhealthy eating and excess alcohol. Yes. we do eat and drink a LOT during the holidays...

  • There have been several studies on weight gain associated with Christmas.

  • Some studies found a minimum weight gain of half a pound, while others found a maximum of 3 pounds.

  • These same studies claim it can take months to lose the weight. A U.S. report also monitored

  • 450,000 DUI offenders and found that their drinking over the holiday season increased by 33%...

  • There is so much pressure to have a holly, jolly season that experts think unrealistic

  • expectations, pressure for perfection and comparing yourself to others can bring low moods; and depending on where you live,

  • there can also be a lack of sunlight.

  • The mechanism of seasonal affective disorder is not FULLY understood, but a decrease in sunlight can affect some people's

  • circadian rhythms; altering production of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. And finally,

  • there's the dwindling bank account.

  • A U.S Gallup report found that this year in 2018,

  • Americans can expect to spend $885 on gifts. While a Deloitte survey anticipates

  • $1,536 in holiday shopping. This includes a 17-22% increase in online shopping.

  • And despite your best efforts to get loved-ones something they like,

  • 15% of recipients are unhappy with the gift they received.

  • Economists refer to this as the deadweight loss of Christmas: where how much the gift giver pays losses anywhere from 10%,

  • to 1/3 of the value; based on how much the receiver actually appreciates the gift.

  • Thanks for watching!

  • You can watch our video "Christmas Shopping w/ a Science Nerd" there,

  • and our new Ariana Grande - "breathin" parody... there.

  • Try to enjoy the holidays, even though now you know from a scientific perspective, they suck!

  • And make sure you have subscribed for new science videos every Thursday.

  • Peace!

Billions of people around the world are trying to celebrate this holiday season with ease and cheer.


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This Is Why The Holidays Can Suck! (This Is Why The Holidays Can Suck!)

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