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  • Hello! So it's Marie again and today we're going to talk about some Spiritual Stuff.

  • Spiritual Stuff

  • So Josh and I have a place out in Sag Harbor, New York and if you're not familiar with that

  • area, it's out East. Yeah, some call it the "Hamptons." I don't really dig all that sh*t,

  • it's just a great place by the beach. Anyway, there's a yoga studio called Yoga Shanti and

  • I'm super blessed to be able to study with the top yoga teacher, I think in the world,

  • Rodney Yee and also his beautiful wife, Colleen Saidman who is equally as incredible and brilliant.

  • So anyway last weekend I was taking yoga class with Rodney and there's always a spiritual

  • teaching that happens during class. Rodney said this one statement that really impacted

  • me and has had this ripple effect throughout my week and I can honestly tell you it's going

  • to go on throughout my life. Here's what he said, is in relation to us doing this yoga

  • pose; I think we were in Down Dog and he was saying, "Your heart has infinite endurance."

  • Your mind and your ego is very weak.

  • You know so when you're in a yoga pose, if you're trying to like prove yourself or compete

  • with other people and you're coming from your mind, and trying to get it right and look

  • good and all that stuff. That you're going to get tired and you're going to complain,

  • and you're just going to feel like sh*t but when you're really coming from your heart

  • and from a place of love, that being tired really doesn't happen in the same way. It's

  • this experience of joy and really infinite endurance.

  • I sat back and it really struck me, I thought to myself, "You know, that applies to all

  • of my life and especially to business." The way I think about it, I think that whenever

  • your actions are born from love; whenever you're doing something purely because you're

  • passionate about it and you want to serve other people, and you're so freakin' excited

  • about it that it just consumes you. That you can work and work and work, and not get exhausted

  • and not feel burnt out.

  • Your mind on the other hand or your ego, this is my language, Rodney did not say this. But

  • I think your mind and your ego, like your mind's a pussy! Your mind can't take sh*t!

  • If you're doing something because you want to get ahead or just doing it for the money,

  • or you want to look great and prove how awesome you are. It's like you're going to get burned

  • out and you're going to start complaining, and things are going to suck; and, "Oh my

  • God, why's it not going faster?" Mrmrmrmr....

  • It's just a total sh*t job! So I really wanted to share that with you today because I feel

  • like all of us have the power in any given moment to check in and say you know, are we

  • operating from our heart or are we stuck in ego and our mind? And if we're an ego and

  • mind, there's a pretty good chance that we'll be complaining, that we're going to get tired,

  • we're going to feel exhausted, and we're going to feel like we're getting nowhere; and this

  • sucks, and I just want to quit.

  • When you're doing things based from your heart and it's filled with love, with pure love.

  • You really will have infinite endurance. So that's the big ole spiritual lesson today!

  • I thought it was helpful. I hope you find it helpful. I'd love to hear your thoughts

  • on this one, so please go ahead and leave a comment below. Like it if you like it and

  • if you haven't yet subscribed to the channel, please do. And, that's all I got so thank

  • you so much for watching and I'll talk to you soon!

Hello! So it's Marie again and today we're going to talk about some Spiritual Stuff.


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