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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 276. We have another one today by

  • Stephen King that is that really relates to what is happening in the world today.

  • What's happening right now. So let's take a look at the quote first.

  • "Panic is highly contagious" and this is true you know, we see that you know when

  • some people panic it spreads more and more people panic. Today we can see this

  • with everybody buying up all the products in the stores and people

  • worried about this corona virus. So here's one way how it really relates. So " Panic

  • is highly contagious, especially when nothing is known and

  • everything is in flux. " Okay. Let's start covering it. This quote

  • is being repeated a lot now due to the coronavirus crisis. It is related to the

  • chrono virus crisis in a couple of ways. One the corona virus is presently and

  • causing a lot of worldwide panic. Second Stephen King wrote a book called "The

  • Stand . " I do remember this. I used to be a very big Stephen King fan when I was

  • young. I think I read about his first seven or eight books or something like

  • that. And "The Stand" was one of them. It's a long book for him and that, that's why

  • I you know they've only made it into miniseries. It's very difficult to put it

  • in the movie theater because it was so long ... that was released in 1980. Okay. That

  • book was about a virus that escaped from a bio-weapon lab and killed off 99% of

  • the population. You know in the book. Okay. The one percent that was left. You

  • know who just for some reason had some immunity to this disease. So 1% of all

  • the people on Earth didn't get killed by this disease... was left had a stand . A

  • fight between good and evil. That was also very interesting part of this book

  • was when all was said and done the people that were left... there was still

  • the battle was still between good and evil. Some people were good. Some people were evil

  • of the ones that did survive. All right. Let's continue. The part of the quote in

  • which he says nothing is known also relates to today. The origin of this

  • virus is still very much in question. Now of course the official story is that it

  • came from a wet market and that maybe some people ate bat soup they who and the

  • bat had bit a Pangolin , but a lot of people don't know. This , this is really

  • kind of very unprovable and it's very questionable. But this is the story

  • that's kind of pushed out there. Even though last time when we had the SARS

  • crisis it was the same sort of story with a civet and that was never proven

  • and I don't even think it really is provable. So a lot of people are still in

  • question. Like how did this disease come about ? There is a lot of conspiracy

  • theories. One of them is that it came from a bio-lab in China. We don't know or

  • maybe somebody else is behind it. Maybe somebody else. Maybe not China at all.

  • Maybe somebody else spread this for for other ulterior motives or other reasons.

  • Okay. So that's why a lot ... we say a lot is still unknown. Okay. Okay people also

  • don't really know how far it will go. That's right. You know because we think

  • it's going to stop somewhere, but it just keeps seeming to spread into one country,

  • into another country and every country keeps getting hit with it. The world is

  • in flux. It means everything is in constant change. Every day we're hearing

  • different stories about you know, how it is spread here and spreading there. This

  • is closing down and it's closing down factories and there's also the issue

  • that if we're stopping the whole economic world economy it is practically

  • coming to a standstill which could cause other major problems too. We, we might

  • even crash the whole economic system. So this is also important. So everything is

  • in change. That, that's also playing into this situation causing more fear , more

  • more influx and and people are you know, panicking about you know having supplies.

  • Just in case every everything gets even that much worse. On the bright side

  • though as of making this video. You know just last week they are talking about

  • that there might be a cure on the way and I know in France they did some study

  • with using the same drug that they use for malaria and it looks very promising.

  • So there is ... there is a little light at the end of the tunnel if that works out. So

  • that's one good , good point about this. Let's continue here with this one.

  • However , Stephen King prefers that people do not ... do not compare you know, his, his

  • fictional virus to the corona virus. He says his virus is much worse. It

  • knocked off 99% of the people on Earth. And this one won't do that. Even at its

  • worst , it should not do that. It's more like maybe you know 1% of the places

  • they get hit by it you know, or 1% of the people that actually contract it. Not

  • even 1% of the population ...might seem to... maybe might die from this. Hopefully, now

  • hopefully it'll be as few as possible and hopefully there really is a cure on

  • the way. And he's not that crazy about it being compared but yet it's all ironic

  • because he's quote and everything kind of fits together. And it's all very

  • suitable to what is happening right at the moment. Okay. Anyway, I hope you liked it.

  • I hope you find it informative. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 276. We have another one today by


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