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  • Hey Michael here.

  • Sorry if I sound

  • is an audio DONG, something you can do online now guys.

  • EYE have a game for you called The Eyezen Challenge.

  • On this site you blast diamonds to score points.

  • You can do this with your mouse but for an added challenge use the webcam to

  • steer with your eyes.

  • Hold still and make sure you don't jerk your head around too much or

  • it'll have to keep calibrating.

  • It can be challenging to focus on a diamond long enough to destroy it but just try to

  • stay steady and you can do it.

  • At the end you'll receive statistics like efficiency and reaction time.

  • If you can't stop marveling at the power of your eyes, go check out

  • BioDigital Human. There are many different models to explore.

  • On the Explore The Human page you'll see that you can choose from systems or regions.

  • InEyes and Visionnot only can you see the anatomy of a normal eye but you can

  • also explore certain conditions like Corneal Abrasion.

  • You can turn the condition on and off.

  • Corneal Abrasion.

  • Normal Cornea.

  • Corneal abrasion.

  • Normal...okay you get the point.

  • You can also turn off other parts of the eye to help you focus on one thing at a time.

  • Look at with no eyelashes.

  • Kinda creepy.

  • Now let's take a tour of the eyeball.

  • The list of parts is extensive and whenever you select one it will take you to there.

  • If your eye works fine and you don't feel under the weather check it with

  • Windy. On this site you can visualize numerous types of weather on a single page.

  • First put the settings to your liking.

  • Choose from Fahrenheit or Celsius, units of pressure, and more.

  • Over here pick one of the forecast models and on the right are a variety of factors

  • to include or exclude.

  • Look when I choose wind, and cloud, and waves!

  • Which of course you'll have to move to the water to see.

  • Typing in a location up here will bring up an extensive forecast with a timeline so click

  • anywhere along it to see what the weather will be.

  • It's all very colorful but if you're more of a blob fan check out Sphere.

  • Drag and drop an image here to see it take on the form of this orb.

  • It's cool when you look around it and recognize parts of the picture you dropped in.

  • Try it with this photo, and this one.

  • But if you've seen enough of this and not enough

  • Jaraxxus go to InvisJaraxxus where you can use your ears to help you search around for

  • him.

  • Click once and you'll hear his name repeatedly.

  • As you move your mouse around it will get louder or quieter depending on how close you

  • are...hmmm I feel like I'm getting...OH! Gee Christmas that scared me.

  • But I found it!

  • Guess it's my lucky day.

  • Time for a lucky coin?

  • Really all you do here is put a coin in the slot but there's a tally at the bottom showing

  • how many times a coin has been put in a slot by anyone across the entire web.

  • If you get bored, read a book! Need recommendations? Well check out

  • Book Suggestions Ninja.

  • Type in a genre, category, or book title to see related titles.

  • What about

  • ColoTwino?

  • Oh that's not a book.

  • It's a game!

  • Now the goal is here to knock out blocks of the same color by lining up at least five.

  • Are you color blind? They got you covered.

  • As you go and the grid fills up you have to be more and more strategic about where you

  • place them.

  • Go ahead beat my high score.

  • Got DONGs? We want them. Tell us about them.

  • We wanna share them and spread the word of DONG love.

  • Be sure to subscribe to this channel and as always, thanks for watching.

Hey Michael here.


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