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Yeah, I know, but I've got an instructor shooting these.
Are we actually shooting?
I gotta go, Everyone.
I'm Ricky with Watch Mojo.
And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 phone numbers from video games.
My clinic here, it's called Lodge Specialized, helping creators over.
Tickle that through this list.
We're looking at phone numbers in video games that you can call in real life to hear some pretty cool Easter eggs.
All right, let's see who's calling at number 10.
Ah, uh, number 10 16613204146 Dying light.
Techland definitely knew what they were doing when they put together dying lights.
Air content.
Though fictional Iran City has had a working phone number from the get go found on both the city's relief effort website and on yellow cabs within the game itself, calling this number would put you through to an answering machine, prompting you to leave a message because they can't come to the phone.
No prizes for guessing why, but this was updated post release to promote the game's final DLC, The Bows accord.
A new message was created, inviting players to come to the stadium on May 26 to be judged.
So there we will see if you deserve to be part of a higher calling Bozak Number 91 802 323324 Who framed Roger Rabbit?
In the era of bad L J N moving tie ins, a video game of who framed Roger Rabbit was released on the N E s.
It would have been largely forgettable, was it not for a neat segment where you're instructed to call Jessica Rabbit herself, and back in the day you'd hear a message that hints at what you're supposed to do next.
But 1989 was a long time ago, and it won't come as a surprise to hear that the number doesn't work anymore, at least not the way they're intended Calling the number today will put you through to a premium rate addled hotline that will charge you through the roof and unfortunately, won't let you talk to Jessica.
He's number eight.
Pest control.
The last of us.
I don't think anyone from my group is gonna show up.
Yeah, While wandering zombie invested Pittsburgh, Joel and Ellie will stumble across a bulletin board with an old ad for pest control service.
However, the two phone numbers both belong yet again to premium rate hotlines.
This occurred because Naughty Dog mistakenly believed that all 555 numbers were reserved for use in works of fiction.
But this is only true of numbers.
5550 100 55501 99 meaning that both the numbers in the game were real and nobody thought to check them first.
As soon as people started calling to see if there might be an Easter egg at the end of the line, the game was patched and the numbers were removed.
Thanks for the warning on either side, guys number 71786 5193708 Hotline Miami Too early.
The official Twitter account for the hotline.
Siri's posted just this number and nothing else.
The fans who called it reached the message that was more than a little creepy, repeating the word march a few times before bluntly declaring that quote, you have reached the wrong number.
People correctly guessed that this was a cryptic way of announcing that hotline Miami to would be releasing in March.
But it wasn't the first time the team used this number.
A strange message was left on it to build hype around the release of the first game.
At least the answerphone messages don't order you to kill anybody together.
Number six 186657366 to 6.
Saints row, Get out of hell!
Hello and congratulations on your decision to change your life for the better Forever by ordering Saints Row for re elected or throw.
Get out of hell.
We're sorry.
One of the commercials for Saints Road got out of health was styled like an infomercial, including a phone number you could call in the real world.
If you did, you were treated to an incredibly elaborate message, courtesy of volition.
This message was a whole six minutes long and served as an extended trailer to convince you to pre order the game.
Along with explaining the plot of the upcoming Get out of Hell.
It also claims that Saints role for is the greatest work of literature of all time and boasts about the quality of the expansions.
Original musical numbers, the cold handler will even propose if you stick around long enough.
Number 57123804091 fortnight in mid 2018 A real life Dir burger mascot appeared in the middle of the California desert since fortnight has an especially active fan base.
It didn't take long for people to start investigating this, and along with the giant hamburger, a mysterious man, an old fashioned cop were also spotted.
The stranger was handing out cards with agent number 3647 and a phone number printed on them.
Calling this number lets you listen to the endgame sound effect of an object being pulled into a portal, albeit at a lower quality.
This was all part of a tie in for a fortnight's fifth season, themed around worlds colliding and introducing the desert region.
Paradise Poems number 4 to 703015797 Kentucky Route zero.
One of the most unique games in recent memory was Kentucky Route zero, which released slowly but surely over the last decade to tide people over during the large gaps between the different acts, Cardboard computer released intermission many games, one of which involved calling a mysterious phone number.
If you do, you're put through to the audio guide here and there along the Echo, which gently guides you through bizarre situations like what to do if you start hearing organ music in the wilderness.
It served as a memorable prelude to act for and even had a mysterious eBay listing as part of the experience.
A Western Electric 2500 telephone only capable of diving this number a guy to the Echo River for drifters and filled rooms, this guy is provided.
Number 318572397601 Alan Wake, you have reached Dr Hart.
I regret that I cannot.
Doctor and Mill.
Hartman is the psychiatrist Awake intends to visit to help through his writer's block, though he's much more sinister than he first appears in typical Alan Wake, you don't know what's real, and you don't know what's not.
Style Remedy included a phone number in Hartmann's clinic, which was diable in the real world.
If you called it back when the game was knew, you'd reach the clinics, answer phone, machine treated.
The Hartmann himself explain to you what his clinic is and how it works until he gets cut off by a malevolent force.
And, of course, he doesn't pass up the opportunity to plug this fictional book.
The Creator's dilemma.
Number 21844 helped up infamous second son.
While second Son did have an entire mission threat that relied on you making progress in an a R G to track down a paper conduit.
This Easter egg was a little more subtle.
Nelson will come across various billboards in Seattle, displaying our hotline number for the Department of Unified Protection so that people can turn in any suspected bioterrorists in the area.
If you call it, you get to hear a message from the D.
U P s Director Augustine, who explains the threat.
That conduit supposed to convince you to do your part in stopping them?
It's always cool to see attention to detail like this, a gene that would transform into something violent before we continue.
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Number one secret messages God of war theory journal God of war contained not just one but two hit and phone numbers.
You could call for two completely separate messages, both incredibly hard to find.
12 Mark.
The second message All you have to do is defeat areas and then destroy both minutes or statues in his throne room, with each taking a whopping 400 hits.
This number leads you to a message from cradles and game Director David Job from cradles murders for being annoying by the guards.
You've done it somehow.
You found your way here to me.
If you do all of that for the second time while playing on God mode, then you get the first secret message where credo is not interrupted and congratulates the player on their achievement.
These are the types of cool Easter eggs I love seeing in games.
It just adds like a whole nother dimension.
All right, everyone, thank you so much for stopping by.
Please tell me if you guys tried calling any of these numbers on the list.


Top 10 REAL Phone Numbers From Video Games

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