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nights are usually quiet on North Star Ranch.
But hours after Discovery, Cruise left the mountain.
Brown's pregnant mayor is in labor.
What's happening, man?
She's not going to give us more insight using a trail camp Family takes filming into their own hands.
Tell that you guys stay here.
I'll tell him you'll freak out now.
Right now, that's serious.
So what's happening, man?
We need to tell you guys stay here.
I'll tell him you'll freak him out.
What now?
Right now.
In the early hours of the morning, Brown Children alert Billy toe a commotion in the booth.
And after a successful delivery, the pregnant mayor has given birth to the first full on North Star Ranch.
This colt, I guess it's just a cold.
A lot of people, us.
It's a complete rebirth in the family of everything that we've ever dreamed every morning and even knows.
And kittens, kid coming just directly where everything feels just help.
Unless we really are.
Don't traction can't get back what I got from underneath so grand put some straw in it.
No, as excited as I am to have a baby horse dies, will be 10 times more excited.
Dad grew up with horses, you know.
He loves horses.
Like literally one of his best friends.
Growing up was a horse.
And so now, like he gets to raise another little horse.
Just seen does face when he's looking at that little full.
And he knows so much about it.
That was really excited.
Here you go.
Good job, guy.


The Brown Family Welcome A New Addition To The Wolf Pack | Alaskan Bush People

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 30 日 に公開
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