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  • nights are usually quiet on North Star Ranch.

  • But hours after Discovery, Cruise left the mountain.

  • Brown's pregnant mayor is in labor.

  • What's happening, man?

  • She's not going to give us more insight using a trail camp Family takes filming into their own hands.

  • Tell that you guys stay here.

  • I'll tell him you'll freak out now.

  • Right now, that's serious.

  • So what's happening, man?

  • We need to tell you guys stay here.

  • I'll tell him you'll freak him out.

  • What now?

  • Right now.

  • In the early hours of the morning, Brown Children alert Billy toe a commotion in the booth.

  • And after a successful delivery, the pregnant mayor has given birth to the first full on North Star Ranch.

  • This colt, I guess it's just a cold.

  • A lot of people, us.

  • It's a complete rebirth in the family of everything that we've ever dreamed every morning and even knows.

  • And kittens, kid coming just directly where everything feels just help.

  • Unless we really are.

  • Don't traction can't get back what I got from underneath so grand put some straw in it.

  • No, as excited as I am to have a baby horse dies, will be 10 times more excited.

  • Wait.

  • Dad grew up with horses, you know.

  • He loves horses.

  • Like literally one of his best friends.

  • Growing up was a horse.

  • And so now, like he gets to raise another little horse.

  • Just seen does face when he's looking at that little full.

  • And he knows so much about it.

  • That was really excited.

  • Here you go.

  • Good job, guy.

nights are usually quiet on North Star Ranch.


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ブラウン・ファミリー、オオカミの群れに新たな仲間入りを歓迎|アラスカのブッシュピープル (The Brown Family Welcome A New Addition To The Wolf Pack | Alaskan Bush People)

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