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Tom, you're a vice president.
Propulsion here in space, ex founder of the company.
I'm gonna get a little tour care of Texas test site Rock in your forties.
Wave started here and winner of 2003.
Well, those who killed the blockhouse, it's on underground Bunker Control mentioned testing like Merlin booster into setting up today to do a nine engine ignition Duty cycle Falcon nine, first stage.
Basically watch the full test from from this is the horizontal test stand.
Well, this is the very first place we were fired rocking your own with this right here.
This'll very early days.
First test.
So a lot of excitement here.
This is Ah, vertical test.
And in that the engines fire straight down thing.
This is a £95,000 thrust engine.
Basically, it'll burn a hole right through concrete.
Ah, big water cooler flame duck that takes that.
That exhaust.
Flex it out into the field.
This is the new Berlin testing with the vacuum version of the Berlin intothe.
I think that we're developing here is gonna be used on the Dragon spacecraft.
This little engine is £90 of thrust and only operates in the vacuum of space in order to test it here, we have to wear.
We actually operate this thing up to about the melting point of steel.
About 2500 degrees out way with drinking.
Fresh Matic is right in there with that black pike.
It goes into this way, exchangers because the exhaust, of course, coming out, that thruster is about 3000.
Got Dragon just started into a qualification.
This is the first fully flight dragon capsule way.
We're gonna go take a look at the top nine stage up here that we're getting ready to do that sort of historical past for the first full duration burn of all nine engines.
So there's gonna be nine engines running at £95,000 each.
That's a total of £860,000 for about 170 seconds.
So I believe we're about 100 and 30 feet were set.
The bottom of this fully loaded.
This tank holds £535,000 of propellant.
Basically, those nine engines will consume that £535,000 of propellant and burn it in 172nd.
Most imposed are the most thrust times Time Never burned by a private company.
About 140 million pound seconds of impulse.
That's a lot of influence.
Way got working here.
They were here last night, most of these guys.
So I think to a footnote panel the wind was Helen.
It was very, very close.
They weren't playing.
And you came out here today?
They're rambunctious.
They're loud, They're proud.
They really get it.
Way are well over 200 feet up.
If you're afraid of heights, don't come up here.
So this is only the first stage of tonight.
Imagine, On top of this, there's the interstate.
In another second stage goes up another 50 years.
So feet to the top of pairing from here.
So big Rocket Wait.


SpaceX Tour - Texas Test Site

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