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  • The Lenbachhaus

  • one of the famous museums in the world

  • For its re-opening, LEGO starts a big project

  • Can everybody experience art?

  • Even someone who cannot see?

  • "How does the horse feel?"

  • "So majestic! See how it’s standing here"

  • "Powerful!"

  • "Beautiful!"

  • "Blue!"

  • Educators describeThe Blue Horseby Franz Marc

  • to blind and visually handicapped children

  • “I’m building a horse for you.”

  • The children build what they hear

  • with LEGO bricks from pre-sorted baskets

  • They transform painting into the third dimension

  • Sometimes close to the original

  • sometimes completely free

  • "And maybe this is the back"

  • In workshops

  • the blind children describe their LEGO art to seeing children

  • Maybe this is the knight.”

  • Maybe a horse with a horseman on it.”

  • And what is this?”

  • Maybe this is the door to the forest!”

  • The blind get access to the world of art

  • The seeing get access to the world of the blind

  • Through Facebook, the results are shared with an excited public

  • "It’s of prime importance to our house that to have such an offer...”

  • “…in our program for museum education.”

  • Rendering an intermediate service for visually impaired children.”

  • A masterpiece of art becomes a masterpiece of imagination

The Lenbachhaus


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レゴ®ブラインドアートプロジェクト (LEGO® Blind Art Project)

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