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Hey, what's up guys?
I'm Aaron from Fingtam Languages, and I'm really excited
to announce the release of my own language learning book series on Amazon,
that you can use to learn multiple languages
using the exact same methods that Iuse
when I'm personally learning languages
Now, I've made videos before about how I love using simple books
as comprehensible input
when I'm learning a new language. But the problem is that
usually the only books that are simple enough for me to read are
children's books, which is fine
but there are a few problems with that.
The first being, children's books just usually
are not that interesting to adult language learners.
The second problem is that children's books
are designed to be read by native speakers.
So they usually make no effort at all
to help you learn the language.
And that can make these books more difficult than necessary
because even very young native speakers can usually understand
expressions and colloquialisms
in the native language
that adult language learners might not understand.
So that's why I decided to make my very own
language learning book series.
This series was birthed out of need.
The first book in the series is called "The Little Dragon."
At first it takes the form of a basic storybook with simple sentences
and lots of pictures to help you understand what's going on.
But the same story gets told multiple times.
Once for beginners, once for lower intermediate learners,
and once for upper intermediate learners.
Up to about a B2 level.
It's the same story, but as you move
through the levels of the book,
the plot of the story starts to get a little bit more in depth
and the book starts to focus on more
complex grammatical constructions and vocabulary.
Now let's talk about strategy.
The philosophy here is to get you started using
comprehensible input as early as possible.
This book is designed to
be used with an "intensive reading" strategy, which means
at first you won't understand a lot of it.
But you keep studying, and you keep reading the story
until you're able to understand almost all of it.
And there are some additional resources available after each section of the story
to help you with that.
The stories are really short, and I recommend you
take five to ten minutes once a day every day
to read through the level you're currently on.
And keep doing that every day
until you understand the story, and you're able to
explain the grammar, and the vocabulary in that section.
And then you move on to the next level.
After the beginner story, there's a question and answer section
that's written in the target language. And there's a purpose for that.
That serves the purpose of
making sure you get exposure to lots of different ways
that questions can be formed in the target language.
As well as just giving you a check
to make sure you understood
everything that was happening in the story.
There's also a small glossary
of words and phrases that you might not know yet after each story.
And one of my favorite parts of this book
is that it comes with a link to a free audiobook
that's read by a native speaker.
And there's two recordings of the audiobook for each language.
The first one is very slow so you can
clearly make out everything the narrator is saying.
The second one is read at a normal, conversational speed.
So you can get used to
how native speakers actually talk.
When I personally use this strategy for language learning,
I read it by myself alone
and then I read it while listening to the audio.
And I start off early on listening to
the very slow audio.
Until I start to get used to it, and get comfortable with the speaker,
and then I move up to the faster, conversational audio.
You can also pause the audiobook and repeat
after the narrator if you want to practice your pronunciation.
And practice sounding more like a native speaker.
At first, the story's going to be available in
English, Spanish, French, Thai, and Toki Pona
but I'm hoping to get more translations done
by professional translators in the near future
so I can release it in other languages as well.
I just opened pre-orders for the kindle e-book
And if you order now, you can have your copy by
April 2nd, 2020.
And hopefully, I'll be able to release
paperback copies within the next month or two.
So I'm really excited to hear you guys' input
about how this method works for you.
And I'll include the links to the amazon pages down
in the description below, so you can go check it out.
It's pre-order right now for the next week or so, and then after April 2nd 2020,
And then after April 2nd 2020, it'll be available
for regular purchase.
So thanks for watching the video. Check out the links to the
Amazon page if you're so inclined. And I'll see you guys next time.


A Book for learning English

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