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  • We are doing a buoyancy experiment today

  • If you drop a golf ball into some dishwashing liquid it sinks, very slowly

  • So why does it sink in the detergent?

  • Because the golf ball is more heavy than the liquid that’s in the containerthen the detergent.

  • What do you mean heavier ? Can you elaborate on that at all ? umm probably more dense ? Good. And if I put this in this is saltwater

  • How salt is it ? It's very salty, huh ?

  • This is the saltiest salt water you can make. Okay. And I think it’s saturated solution. What will it do?

  • I think it would be floating. Okay, lets have a lookooh, oh

  • Excellent, so the golf ball floats in the salt waterAnd if you have a look it’s like it’s just is sticking out just a little bit.

  • So what does that tell you about it?

  • It’s just slightly less dense right? Like it was a lot less dense to when it’s higher.

  • Yeah, the question is if we now take the detergent and we pour it in on top of the golf ball.

  • What do you think will happen? Will the golf ball stay where it is ? Will it go down ? Or will it go up ?

  • I think itll go down a little bit.

  • Yeah, why do you think that ? Well ? No let’s see.

  • Whites lighter.

  • Maybe it'll go up. I have no idea. I think it will go down a little bit.

  • Do you think this is going to mix with that ? Well that's what I was thinking about

  • I wonder if it’s gonna mix or if it’s gonna layer itself, and just, sort of sit on top here.

  • Yeah, I think this would be

  • standing up, on top.

  • So you can make your prediction by clicking on one of the on-screen annotations or you can click a link in the description.

  • But make your prediction now. What do you think is Gonna happen to this golf ball ? Ready in three, two, one.

We are doing a buoyancy experiment today


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浮力クイズ (Buoyancy Quiz)

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