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  • eating old or expired food is extremely dangerous.

  • We do this at home, but you should ever pulled expired food from the pantry and asked the question.

  • Can I still eat this?

  • Man?

  • Hold cans, Bottles and boxes of for gotten boobs lie hidden everywhere.

  • This is still sealed.

  • 1947 1962 1921.

  • No way.

  • But are they still edible?

  • Pays like a basement.

  • I'm Josh.

  • I'm old Smokey, and we're collectors of edible artifacts.

  • What do they tell us about her ass?

  • This is mind blowing.

  • And what other secrets are sealed inside?

  • What is that?

  • What?

  • The relics we find don't go on a dusty shelf.

  • We eat them.

  • This is one of the closest things to time travel I can think of.

  • It's not always safe.

  • It's not always good.

  • Oh, but if we can stomach it delicious, we want to know that.

  • Was it home on guard?

  • Did this boot stand the test of time?

  • It's absolutely fantastic.

  • Gettysburg was the largest and really the most brutal and bloody battle in American history.

  • Yes, but 50 years later, there was this reunion.

  • The North and the South put their differences aside and came together for this reunion.

  • There were guys that showed up from 46 of the 48 states.

  • They might have travelled for a week just to get there.

  • And that's where this comes from.

  • What is This is hard tack from the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

  • This is over 100 years old.

  • Yes, 1913.

  • It's 100 6 Hardtack kept soldiers alive during the Civil War.

  • It basically just contains some flour, a little bit of water, a little bit of salt, and they just keep baking it over and over to get the moisture out of it.

  • It just stops the aging process.

  • That's why it gets so hard.

  • Holy moly.

  • It's not every day that we have this type of history on our table, and he was just wrapped in newspaper and that ribbon I wouldn't say it's just newspaper.

  • This paper was dated June 29th 1913.

  • That's whenever the reunion started.

  • Way have this other piece of paper right here.

  • The guy that actually got this in 1913 documented it.

  • Okay, so Gettysburg, July 1913.

  • Hardtack er, bread re union anniversary battle.

  • Gettysburg.

  • Having that kind of documentation does not hardly ever happen.

  • This is line blowing.

  • This is monumental in American history.

  • The guys were handed nine or 10 pieces of this further daily rations.

  • But what's really crazy hardtack was pretty widely hated because sometimes this stuff would get actual maggots on it so the guys would pull the bugs off, eat those and tossed the hard tech.

  • That's that's how bad it iss as brutal.

  • So this is kind of the precursor to the Emory and before the K rations, World War Two Soldiers is four back.

  • His ancient room could count on one thing in their daily ration.

  • Hardtack hardtack beat an army for months, Even after the advent of canned food pioneered by Napoleon's forces in the 18 hundreds, soldiers were still issued hard tack up until the first World War.

  • So I recognized the NBC on this cracker.

  • The National Biscuit Company, the precursor to what we now know is Nabisco, right?

  • This is not something that most people can say that they've even seen, let alone gotten to eat.

  • There's no mold on there.

  • It's basically perfect.

  • Yeah, you wanna break off a little bit.

  • It's a once in a lifetime thing.

  • The 50th anniversary of Gettysburg.

  • This magical man, it really is.

  • Ah, 106 year old food that we're gonna try to eat so, so dry taste like a basement.

  • It does no newbie basement.

  • It sucks the moisture right out of my mouth.

  • It's like a desert boom.

  • It is definitely one of the driest things I've ever eaten in my life.

  • You now know why the soldiers were mixing it with water or coffee or river water to make that brown putting.

  • They were using brown sugar, anything they could do to make it taste better.

  • Yemen just eating it in its raw form is difficult, but that's what they had to survival.

  • Wow, I got a call it a mouthful, but it's still in there.

  • It's kind of bleach ee.

  • It's stuck in all my teeth.

  • I didn't expect it to taste good with him, so I'm honored to have gotten to try this.

  • I know these men.

  • Whenever they dug into this, it brought back memories, and we get to experience what brought memories back for them.

eating old or expired food is extremely dangerous.


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歴史を食べる。106年前の戦争時の食料を食べる(シーズン1)|歴史を読む (Eating History: EATING 106-YEAR-OLD CIVIL WAR RATIONS (Season 1) | History)

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