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  • Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel in this video.

  • I'm going to be talking about the flat top jobs in the United States for the 18 4019 year.

  • So if you're interested, please stay tuned.

  • Way The top jobs were identified is where a website called Glass Door, and they identified the top jobs for a combination off three factors.

  • The number of job openings, the base salary and the job site inspections for number five.

  • Number five ISS Human Resource is Manager Orange Tour manager with a median base salary at $85,000.

  • And currently there is 4458 job openings.

  • So quite a lot.

  • But what does HR manager do?

  • HR Manager researchers as a Lia song between business units at company's employees and what they do essentially is trying to figure out how to fire the people that the company needs to hire.

  • So they work with business leaders on the hat counts the skill sets.

  • They then come up with a strategy on how to actually recruit a diverse number to become a HR manager, your ideal and, you know, bachelors degree.

  • If human resource is, however, I have seen people from virtually any path become a nature manager and go into recruiting number four.

  • Occupational therapist With a medium based salaries starting at $74,000 and currently 11,000 901 job Occupational Therapist is a very, very versatile roll.

  • It can range from taking care of patients with brain injury to end of life care.

  • Essentially, what occupational therapist does is that they do one on one therapy with a patient to achieve goals that hold meaning to them.

  • And that is actually why the job satisfaction of being an automated patient therapist is quiet.

  • Five.

  • Because essentially, you're helping other people achieve their purpose and achieve meeting and do something meaningful to themselves.

  • And they have done a ton of research that people are usually the happiest when we help others to get into occupational therapy.

  • You ideally needed a bachelors degree in occupational therapy.

  • However, you can also complete a postgraduate course approved by health care professionals counsel, or HCP.

  • Seek or a lot of openings actually take people with at least one year of experience in a medical field.

  • Number three marketing manager marketing manager is number three at a very high job.

  • Satisfaction score at 4.6 out of five medium based salaries, starting at $85,000.

  • Currently 6439 job openings.

  • Essentially, what a marketing manager does is that they assess and analyze the market before a product feature launch or before a product feature is in the pipeline.

  • And then, after the product has been released, they call up with different strategies.

  • Apology.

  • Advertise that product to market it.

  • We do a lot of market research.

  • Market is usually to become a marketing manager.

  • You need a bachelor's degree in market in or any related business fields.

  • But at the same time, there is also a ton of people with marketing experience that don't have a degree in anything relevant.

  • Business for market number two were common Super Super close to number one.

  • Number two is a Deb UPS engineer with a medium based salary at 1000 and $500.3373 job openings.

  • And what does a devil engineer tube doubles engineer is actually are super important and very versatile roll intact industry essential as a devil's manager.

  • You manage the build process used.

  • You try to automate things to speed them up for development.

  • You manage the club computer, so you might want to have a lot of indepth a W Ask knowledge.

  • You build tools, you improve the C I.

  • A deployment pipeline.

  • You basically helped the website, the service, the server, any kind of technology that your company and olds to run smoothly and fast.

  • And you also help the engineering team to operate at their best and to call a damn apps engineer.

  • Ideally, you would need background in computer science or software engineering or computer engineering.

  • So anything very, very heavy over one number one is a very highly sought after roll on it.

  • ISS Data Scientist data scientists based median salary starts at $110,000 there is currently 4524 job openings.

  • As a data, scientists who have a very important role to haul the business, make data driven decisions so you would create and ensure hypotheses.

  • You would do experimentation.

  • You would analyze large data sets to actually create insights about a certain product feature, a market fit or potential analyzed what?

  • The loopholes that your product have potentially over.

  • Looked to be a data scientist, you have to have, ah, highly, highly technical and potentially their radical degree.

  • So I see a lot of companies actually looking for people with a master's degree of potential.

  • A PhD because of health, theoretical research driven on technical The field is that is it, guys, These were the top five rolls in the United States for 2018 and 2019 year.

  • So if you're thinking of a career switch or if you're just interested in research and what these roles do more in depth, I hope you found this video informative.

  • And please don't forget to like and subscribe identification button on so that you know what new content is coming up and very step on the little lot more constant coming soon.

  • And don't forget to common in the section down Love and thank you so much for washing again.

  • I will see you guys very soon.

Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel in this video.


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