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  • kill.

  • I just saw you inscribe Story says only.

  • How impressive.

  • How on earth did you get a reservation there?

  • Lucky, I guess.

  • That's a wonderful rest.

  • Don't tell me.

  • Don't tell me.

  • Let me guess.

  • Patagonia sin que Ella?

  • If you see her compliment was sufficient.

  • Kevin.

  • Hello, Raj.

  • Nice glasses.

  • How the hell are you?

  • Paul is mistaken Me for this dickhead Rausch Hassan.

  • It seems logical because Raj also works in infra and in fact does the same exact thing I do.

  • And he also has a pension for Patagonia vests and Gucci glasses.

  • Raj and I even go to the same Cooper Cafe in Palo Alto.

  • Although I order a slightly more expensive drink.

  • How's the gym?

  • And I project?

  • It's, uh it's all right.

  • It's interesting.

  • That's not It's not great.

  • No.

  • Well, you know, how's, uh How's Cecilia?

  • She's a She's a great girl.

  • I'm very lucky.

  • Hey, Paul.

  • Congratulations from Leo Project.

  • Thank you, Jimmy.

  • Listen, Paul.

  • Bouldering Sure.

  • When about Friday?

  • No can do.

  • I got 8 30 residents I saw.

  • It's got a great sea urchin ceviche.

  • See you on Friday night.

  • How'd you swing that?

  • I bet he's lying New keys.

  • What do you think?

  • Oh ho.

  • Look at that.

  • Very nice.

  • Picked it up on Amazon yesterday.

  • Good switches.

  • They're blues And the old rings or point twos.

  • That's very cool.

  • Any kill?

  • But it's nothing.

  • Look at this.

  • That is really nice.

  • Them explode would point fours.

  • What do you think?

  • Nice.

  • Jesus.

  • This is really super.

  • How does it look like you get so tasteful?

  • I can't believe that Brian prefer Zambia's keys to mine.

  • But away you ain't seen nothing yet.

  • Obsidian black experience, Which is impressive.

  • Very nice.

  • Let's see John Elton's keys.

  • Look at that subtle off like coloring.

  • A tasteful actuacion force.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Keys aren't even labeled.

  • Make you something wrong?

  • You're sweating.

  • Okay, so you're telling me I just open the app type in how long I piss, How often what color it is.

  • At the end of the week, it's gonna tell me what medical conditions I have.

  • Yeah, And if you get the premium version, you'll actually also find out how long have to live.

  • Well, that is really nice, But this one's premium.

  • Yeah.



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アメリカンサイコがプログラマーの話だったら (If American Psycho were about Programmers)

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