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  • Hello, everybody.

  • In this video, we'll cover how the Web works in relation to a Web developer.

  • By the end of this video, you will understand how the three main file types of what development html CSS and JavaScript Interactive former Web page, as well as how Web Pages Air sent from the Internet to your computer.

  • Before we can start talking about HTML, CSS and JavaScript, we need to focus on how websites on the Internet work.

  • The first main component of all websites are its files.

  • These files include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images and videos, and determine how the website will look and function.

  • The second component is the server.

  • The server is a computer that has hooked up to the Internet and stores all the files needed to run a website.

  • The servers are nothing more than computers set up specifically to send the files of a Web page to the Web browser.

  • Speaking of a what browser, the final component of the Internet isn't what browser.

  • The Web browser is.

  • A program that runs on your computer or phone that knows how to properly render the Web page files being sent by the server.

  • The Web browsers commonly referred to as the client.

  • Now that you understand, the very basic is how Web pages work on the Internet.

  • Let's dive into the three main file types of a wood page.

  • The first file type is HTML, also known as hypertext markup language.

  • HT.

  • M O is the foundation of every website and is used to find the content of a website.

  • HTML will include the text, titles, blinks and images that compose a website.

  • If the website was a house, HTML would be the foundation walls and windows, the second file type of CSS, also known as cascading style sheets.

  • Technically, a website can be made with only HTML files, but it will look terrible.

  • That is where CSS comes in.

  • CSS defines the esthetic look of a webpage and is the equivalent of paint, color and window curtains on a house.

  • The last file type of website is JavaScript.

  • Many great sites have been made with only CSS and HTML.

  • But as soon as you want to add any functionality to a Web page such as a pop up or a complex form, you only javascript.

  • JavaScript is what controls all the functionality of the Web page and is equivalent to the door knob that allows the door to be opened in closed on a house.

  • We now understand the purpose of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  • But how exactly does the service and these files to the Web browser?

  • This is done by http, also known as hypertext transfer protocol.

  • Http works similarly to a conversation with a friend.

  • You may ask a friend what their favorite movie is, and they will respond by saying that Titanic is their favorite movie based on your friends.

  • Answer.

  • You may ask additional questions, such as Who is the main actor of that movie, and your friend will answer with Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • Http.

  • The Web browser asked the server for a specific HTML file, and the server will respond with that file.

  • The browser will bend Parsley html file, and if it sees any additional information that it needs, such as images or CSS files, it'll ask the server to send those additional files.

  • Most sites that you visit will be using H T T.

  • P s, which dance for hypertext transfer protocol secure to communicate.

  • This functions exactly the same as http, but the information being sent between the server and the Web browser are being encrypted.

  • The last component of the Internet is a conversion of domain names Toe I P addresses.

  • This is a complicated topic, but you will only need to know the very basics to develop what pages every website has a domain name that the website is accessible at.

  • This is just the earl of the website, such as google dot com or Speed test dot net servers, which store the what.

  • Page files do not know anything about domain names, but they do have a unique I p address.

  • This means that toe access google dot com the what Brows will need to convert the domain name into the i.

  • P address of the server with Google's Web page files.

  • This process is called domain name resolution.

  • It is not necessary to understand how domain name resolution works, but you do need to know that servers have an I P address that can make maps to from a domain name.

  • This concludes the basics of how the Web works.

  • You should now understand how html, CSS and JavaScript work together to render Web pages and how Web browsers and servers communicate let me know down in the comments Which of the three languages html CSS JavaScript.

  • You're most interested in learning.

  • Also, please don't forget to like and subscribe to stay up to date with all future lessons.

  • Thanks for watching.

Hello, everybody.


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