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  • Hey.

  • Hi.

  • Where's Rach?

  • She's in her room, why?

  • Oh, I have to talk tor

  • about this groomsman situation, okay?

  • I'm not gonna watch Chandler up there

  • while I'm sitting in the seats like some chump.

  • This wedding isn't about you.

  • It's not? Then who's it about?

  • Well, it used to be about me, but now I have no idea.

  • ( knocking )

  • ( gasps )

  • My God, you're breathtaking.

  • What do you want?

  • You haven't, by any chance, chosen

  • a groomsman yet, have you?

  • Oh, Ross, come on, please.

  • Don't make this harder

  • than it already is.

  • I'm not.

  • I'm making it easier. Pick me.

  • Well, Chandler said that it's really important to him, too.

  • I'm sorry, did you and Chandler go out?

  • Do you and Chandler have a huge history? Huh?

  • Do you and Chandler have a, have a child together?

  • If I said yes, that would totally

  • freak you out, wouldn't it?

  • Listen, listen.

  • Whoever you pick is going to walk down the aisle with .

  • Now, I promise, I won't say a word, but if you pick Chandler,

  • he's going to be whispering

  • stupid jokes in your ear the whole time.

  • Oh, you are the lesser of two evils.

  • Yes!

  • Oh, please, don't say anything to Chandler until I talk to him.

  • I cannot believe you played the Emma card.

  • Oh, please. I was prepared to offer you my body.

  • Oh, my God, and I didn't hold out!

  • You know, normally that would hurt my feelings,



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フレンズ ザ・ワン ウィズ フィービーの結婚式』ノーカットシーン (Friends The One With Phoebe's Wedding - uncut scene)

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