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  • to celebrate having the most amazing 5000 subscribers I could ask for.

  • I'm going to be answering all the questions that you asked me on my community posed as well as on my Twitter.

  • Let's get started now.

  • The first question that I get asked most often is, Hey, Kyle, I want to learn X where excess some programming language, framework or technology.

  • And they asked, What project should I create in order to learn that technology, language or framework?

  • And the best answer that I can give you is to create whatever project you're most interested in or passionate about.

  • There may be certain projects that are slightly more beneficial to use for learning certain technology.

  • Spring works for languages, but it doesn't really matter what you create as long as you create something using that language, framework or technology you want to learn.

  • When I was learning Web development, I would pick only projects that I was interested in creating, and that gave me the passion and drive to go above and beyond.

  • When I was creating those projects to really learn the intricate details of whatever I was wanting to learn, because if I wasn't passionate about the project.

  • I would have given up a soon as I hit a really difficult road block or obstacle in my path.

  • The next most popular question that I get asked is What was my inspiration for starting my channel?

  • But death simplified, and it's a fairly difficult question to ask, because there was a lot of inspiration going into the creation of the channel.

  • But it all boils down to a few specific topics, which is that A.

  • I enjoy one Development B.

  • I enjoyed teaching people about anything, and since I am passionate about what development and enjoy teaching, I figured, why not teach love development?

  • And third, I've always liked working for myself more than I've liked working for someone else at a company.

  • So starting a YouTube channel is the way that I can potentially work for myself without having to work for someone else.

  • But mostly it is just my desire to a teach and my passion for Web development that really made me want to bring together this Web have simplified channel.

  • Also, it was slightly built around frustrations of when I was watching YouTube channels and learning Web development.

  • There's certain things I've noticed all the time in different tutorials that I personally didn't like.

  • So I wanted to create my own channel right?

  • Could create content tutorials that didn't have the things I didn't like and only focused on the things that I like for my learning experience.

  • Another question that I see all the time in the comments my videos is if I have any courses on you to meet or some other teaching platforms such as you to me and the answer currently is no.

  • But I do plan to release, of course, to some teaching platform, whether that you, to me or somewhere else by the end of 2019.

  • Hopefully by September is my goal.

  • I'm also currently working on a completely free full stack Web development course that'll be coming out on this channel in a couple weeks, and that is really kind of a pilot for me to see what works and what doesn't work when it comes to teaching with development on a large scale.

  • Of course, since I've never done anything quite those large before, so I want to tackle it in a free manner so I could get tons of feedback from you all, and then I can take that feedback and craft.

  • They need a better course that I can put up somewhere, such as you did before you.

  • Also, if you have any suggestions for what course would be that you would like to see, let me know down in the comments below, because I'd love to hear your feedback on what you want to see in a future course.

  • The next question we have is whether or not I am self taught.

  • And if I am self taught, what is the most difficult aspect of being a self taught developer?

  • And his answer is a bit of a yes and no for me.

  • I did go to school for four years with a computer engineering degree and learned a lot of the basics of programming through that degree of computer engineering.

  • But while taking that degree, I taught myself Web development on the side because that's really what I found.

  • I was super passionate about when I first dabbled in it, and they didn't really teach what development at my school at all.

  • So I learned almost everything that I know about.

  • Web development through YouTube videos bog post and projects that I created that I was interested in the actual fundamentals of programming.

  • Luckily, I was able to learn in a more structured environment at a college, but the actual Web development ecosystem was something.

  • I had to take it on my own and figure out through myself.

  • So I would say that the most difficult part about being self taught is not having that actual other force outside of you forcing you to do the learning.

  • I know that when I was a school, it was very easy to learn the programming because I was forced to a homework.

  • I had test.

  • I had to do it and there's no way of getting around it.

  • I had tons of money had paid to do it, so I just had to do it when I was teaching myself What development?

  • There is nothing telling me I had to do it other than myself.

  • So if I had a bad day, a lazy day and I didn't want to do Web development, I wasn't forced to do it as if it was school.

  • So it's really difficult.

  • You have to have a lot of determination and willpower to force yourself to work, even on the days that you may not want to work on learning.

  • The next question is a bit of a fun one, and that is what is my favorite text Acto work in Right now I'm really enjoying working and ruby on rails because it's incredibly easy for me to get up and started with the project that's fairly complex and have it just working right out of the gate.

  • I know with no Js and Express, for example, there's a lot of boilerplate code that you need to create every time you couldn't application.

  • But Ruby on rails kind of hides that all away, so you can just get straight into coding your actual application without having to worry about all of the boiler plea.

  • Now that does come with some downsides, obviously, of having a lot of extra hard work if you want to go against that boiler plate.

  • But it makes getting started really, really easy, which is very fun, because I don't like doing all that extra boilerplate to get started on a project.

  • Also, I really enjoy a front and heavy approach.

  • So doing something Mike react inside of a project I really find quite enjoyable right now, mostly because I'm fairly new to it.

  • So it's really enjoyable for me to learn all these new things about react.

  • And there's so much to learn about react.

  • I'm really enjoying it.

  • I'm sure if you asked me a couple years from now what my favorite text back was, it would be a completely different in this answer.

  • But currently, right now, I would say Ruby on rails, the react front end and finally we're onto our last question, which is what topics I plan to cover in the future on this channel.

  • Obviously, I'm going to be covering Web development focus topics such as HTML Java script and CSS.

  • And those were really gonna be my main core focuses on this channel.

  • But I really want to explore all the different aspects of Web development from back end to front and all the way down the full stack.

  • Jane, even some dev ops with how did a ploy things and manage applications on a large scale.

  • I want to focus mostly on the beginner stuff first, which is why I've been focusing a lot on JavaScript CSS html.

  • Because those are the core fundamentals, everyone must know.

  • But as soon as I finished my next course coming out in a couple of weeks that it really opened me up to explore a lot of new avenues and new technologies.

  • But I haven't tried exploring on this challenge yet, so if there's anything that would interest you guys, please let me know down in the comments below any technologies frameworks for languages you would like me to cover, and I'll definitely make sure to put them on my list of topics I want to cover.

  • And that's all the questions I have if you have a question still, but I haven't answered.

  • Please leave it down in the comments because I'd love to take a look at it and answer it.

  • Also, I want to say a huge thank you to all of you again for helping me reach 5000 subscribers, and by the time this is coming up, we're already halfway to 6000 subscribers, which is absolutely mind blowing to me.

to celebrate having the most amazing 5000 subscribers I could ask for.


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