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Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.
Now, today we are talking about gangs.
Streaming service is a game.
Streaming service is a service that lets you pay a monthly fee, for example, to run your games on a super powerful computer elsewhere and then have it streamed back to you because you might not have the processing power or the graphical capabilities to run the games yourself.
And that's how G force now works.
All you do is you add your games from steam or wherever else to the G force now application.
They will run on invidious Tesler P 40 or whatever crazy graphics card they have over there, and then they will be streamed back to your system.
It means that if you've purchased Pub Ji, for example, and you don't have the power to run it on your computer, you couldn't just run it by their computer instead and have the picture displayed on your screen to put it very simply now, like with all of these gangs, streaming service is you require pretty decent Internet, to say the least, and there are some hardware specifications to stick to what we're gonna be ignoring all of that today.
We never really played by the rules on this channel.
We just how do I put it scientifically mess about, huh?
I have recently purchased a house boat the fastest Internet package I can afford, but we're not gonna be touching that today either.
We're gonna be using the Internet, my grandparent's house, which is pretty diabolical.
It's not the worst in the world, I'll admit.
But it is very slow, and I can just about play multi player games on it under normal conditions.
So with this in video at G Force now service, it's going to be interesting to see how well or how not very well it runs on my connection.
As you can see here, this is the speed test.
If we divide this figure by eight to get the actual download speed, you'll see that we are not working with brilliant speeds.
In fact, to download GT five, for example, 70 or 80 good game is gonna take me at least 24 hours.
Seriously, some of you may be watching and thinking, Well, that's quite fast compared to what I've got.
But in the in the UK here, where we generally don't get brilliant speeds.
Anyway, this is still considered not very good now.
So from this, we're also going to be testing this service on this on N.
V s 295 in video graphics card.
A very old card that is capable of running absolutely nothing.
Traditionally, I mean, I tried to fire up fallout New Vegas here, And as you can see, the game crashed on GT three, for example, again, from 2001 run with about 20 frames per second.
Here, you can see the envious in action during the first level, and it didn't last long, not just because the card was terrible, but my driving is also pretty bad.
Just look at that.
This is all your fault.
So anyway, let's get into it.
I'll talk about G force now, and we'll see how it runs on my Internet on this terrible graphics card, Which doesn't matter is matches of the connection itself, but it'll be interesting to see whether or not we can run the application on a card that is lower than the stated minimum system requirements.
So first things first, you need to download the program itself and doing so gives you guys at home another chance to check out my Internet speeds.
If I try to upload, say, a 1.5 gigabyte video to YouTube, it will take all day, maybe longer.
It usually gets stuck at about 4% and jams there for hours.
So once you're in and you've added your already purchased steam games to the G force now library, it's going to run an Internet analysis.
I'm very nervous.
I feel like the NVIDIA engineers are watching and judging.
This shouldn't take too long to complete.
But I guess it once again depends on your speed's.
I've spent this up in editing as it took a couple of minutes, but to no one's surprise in video, do not recommend that I proceed past this point.
But we're going to ignore that.
My bandwidth measured 10 and apparently 15 is actually required, but 50 is recommended.
I'm also going to leave the streaming settings on automatic to see how everything looks, because I don't want to interfere with the settings that going to be displayed.
I think we're limited to 60 F.
P s a 10.
80 p with this service, which means that the Tessler card in video.
Using is way overboard.
I mean, it's a six grand card, so you're about to see the games running on the previously demonstrated N.
V s 295 workstation GPU.
This is a card with eight shading units, and 256 megabytes of Judy are three memory.
This in combination with our basic broadband, is going to be interesting.
So in video recommended GT 600 Siri's Cardell Radion, HD 3000 Siri's GPU or even an Intel HD 2000 Siri's graphics adapter found on some of the old intel processes from the ivy or sandy brood rain.
I can't imagine the M V S is much better than integrated 2000 series graphics.
Unfortunately, I can't get frame rate or use.
Digital was working as we are streaming the games, but what you see quality wise is what you will get.
I've made sure to export this video with a much higher bit rate than usual to try and give you a better idea of how these games look that YouTube will compress things anyway.
So bear that in mind.
Off the top of my head, I would say that this looks like something between 4 80 p and 7 20 p.
Gameplay running at around 30 f, p s or MME.
Or in some cases, despite the low resolution and the constant spotty connection warning.
I never actually lost connection entirely.
So if you do have similar Internet to me, you should be okay.
And if you're using a smaller display may be that of a tiny laptop.
Then the image quality will certainly look sharper.
Don't get me wrong.
There will be drops and random dips in the resolution.
But as I said before, the connection held up over the course off the few hours that I spent gaming.
Now, where you'll notice the biggest issue with a weak Internet connection in terms of the graphics quality is in areas with lots of grass on screen, for example, how sharpness of the terrain disappears somewhat on.
You're just left with a few blurs of textures in some instances, but to be honest, puppy really doesn't look all that bad.
I was expecting worse.
I was expecting closer to a 360 P image.
It's also worth pointing out now that I don't think clouds streaming service is like this a mentor replaced traditional gaming.
You know, it's just maybe in case you're on the go and you want to decide toe, play this on four G.
Something like that, which admittedly will again provide a better connection.
Then the broadband I'm using today.
I then moved on to Metro 2033 reductions with the maximum settings a 10 80 p.
Of course, the N V S will not run this game.
And if it does, you'll probably see around one frame per second.
I'm not even making a joke.
I mean it.
This felt closer to 60 FBs.
It was definitely higher than 30.
Put it that way.
And once again, our spotty Internet connection message flashed up a few times, but it didn't totally fail.
I am a fan of game streaming service is, but they seem to have a habit of slipping into relevancy very quickly.
Maybe the low £5 monthly price of this service will prevent that.
I think this is a limited time price, though, so I'm not sure what that will go up to on.
For anyone wondering.
No, this is not a sponsored video.
So far.
I'm surprised that this Internet connection has held up.
And, of course, the card, though it really plays no real part in performance and is just there as a means to display an image.
It does, of course, support direct text 11 as well.
And I'm not sure that using a d x 10 or D X nine card or maybe something even worse would still work.
But I guess you could always try out, considering it is free if you want to play for an hour a time.
Now, as we make our way through this opening level here, I want to talk about the input like a little bit.
It didn't really feel like there was much it didn't feel too different than just playing The game normally from my steam library, which was quite surprising, had expected to be a little more noticeable than this.
But maybe the whole low resolution thing helps that a little bit.
Perhaps you will suffer when it comes to online multiplayer games like Pub Gee, but if, like me, you're not very good at them anyway.
Well, import leg isn't going to ah affect your performance anymore.
Seriously, though it didn't feel too bad in all honesty that's always a big plus with game streaming.
Finally, let's look at Fallout New Vegas again that crushed before when we used the N.
V s +295 This time, it's allowing us to see the game of ultra settings, albeit at about 4 80 p resolution.
With a connection like this, the service is certainly better suited to a mobile screen.
But just know that if you do have poor connectivity connectivity that is apparently lower than their required speed, then you still have a good chance of being able to play around with invidious new G force now game streaming service.
And it brings yet another option to the table for those of you out there who have a very weak graphics card but still want to play some of your favorite and owned titles overall, well, I've had a pretty good time exploring this game streaming service that may be worth trying out on your Internet, even if it is worse than mine, because I wasn't expecting much to be honest.
And although we didn't really get a fantastic experience, we still got a somewhat payable gaming experience despite the lower resolution.
So give it a go for yourselves.
And if you do, be sure to let me know in the comments how it ran for you if you have a decent connection.
Well, I'm sure you have a very nice time, but I'd love to hear from you all the same.
Thank you for watching.
If you enjoyed this video, leave alike on it.
If you didn't enjoy it, leave a dislike.
Subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already.
And hopefully Oh, see all of you in the next one.


Nvidia's "GeForce Now" Game Streaming Vs BAD Internet and TERRIBLE Graphics Card.

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