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  • how everybody and this video will cover how to set up the tools needed for this course as well as explained.

  • The reason for each tool and total will only be using three tools.

  • During this course.

  • Our first will be a Web browser, which will allow us to display the Web pages we build and this course I'll be using Google Chrome for all examples and projects.

  • But any major Web browsers, such as Firefox or Edge, will work.

  • I would, however, recommend using chrome in orderto fall the courses exactly as possible, a download link for chromosome the description below.

  • Second, we'll need a text editor to write our HTML, CSS and JavaScript files in.

  • While most courses say to use something like no pad or text mate, I recommend using visual studio code no pad and text made a very basic text editors that offer no extra functionality while visual studio code is a text editor developed specifically for Web development.

  • This means visual studio code is packed with features specifically geared towards Web development.

  • As your guest in this course, we'll explore many of the great features visual studio code has to offer.

  • But for now, go to the link in the description and download visual studio.

  • Lastly, we'll need to install get, which is a version control system.

  • Get lets us save changes to our code is different versions, which we can swap between any time with ease.

  • Get also makes it incredibly easy for multiple people to work on the same project at the same time by allowing us to merge.

  • Both peoples changes easily.

  • It is not necessary in order to learn the basic civil of development, but it is used by nearly every Web development company.

  • On top of get we will be using Get Hub Get Hub is a website that lets you store the different versions of your code.

  • Get help is by far the most popular website to be used with Kit and is again used by almost every Web development company.

  • Setting up these technologies can be a bit tricky at first, but after the initial set up, everything runs incredibly smoothly.

  • First, you'll need to download to get from the link in the description.

  • After that, go to get Hub's Web site and create an account.

  • Next, we need to link our get help account to get to do this, we'll utilize the terminal if you are on back or Lennox.

  • And if you're on Windows, you'll need to use git Bash, which comes with git with your terminal window open, enter the following commands.

  • Make sure to use your get have user name and email when entering these commands.

  • If you're not comfortable with the terminal and to the fallen commanded Dear Terminal.

  • This will make us so that when you commit your changes to get open visual studio for you to enter a message instead of using the terminal right now you're get and get help.

  • Accounts are linked and you could start cement and code to get help.

  • But there's a slight problem.

  • Every time you want to submit anything to get help, it'll force you to type in your password.

  • This doesn't seem like much of a problem, but will become incredibly annoying as you use get more in order to get around.

  • This will be setting up your get help account with an SS H G.

  • In order to do this, we'll need to create a private and public S S H key and give get help.

  • The public he after this is done.

  • Each time you submit information to get help, it'll check the public he against your private key in order to verify that it is you sending the request instead of making you enter a password.

  • First, we need to check if you have any sssh keys already generated to do this entering the fallen command into the terminal.

  • If you do not see a file name ending in dot pub or you receive an air saying that the SS H folder does not exist that you'll need to create a S S H G to create an SS H key.

  • Enter the following command, making sure you to use your get up email.

  • This command will prompt you multiple times to enter information, but the default values air just fine for us.

  • So hit.

  • Enter until the key is generated.

  • Next, we'll need to copy the key in order to give it to get help by running this command.

  • If you already had an SS h key that make sure to use the file name of your dot pub file in place of the I.

  • D.

  • R.

  • S.

  • A file.

  • Also, make sure you enter the correct command depending on which operating system you're on now, go to get hub in, log in in the top right corner.

  • Click on your profile icon and select settings from the dropdown.

  • After the study's page loads, click S S H and G PG keys, and lastly, click the add Sssh.

  • Keep button inside of the title box.

  • Enter any title that you want, such as my computer, and then paste the key that we copied earlier into the key box.

  • Congratulations.

  • You're nasty it up with git and get help.

  • In order to test your setup, enter this command into your term.

  • Oh, you should be greeted with the messages says that you have successfully authenticated.

  • If you do not receive this message that refer to get haves official documentation on setting up your S S h G, it will be linked in the description below.

  • This concludes all the set up we'll need for this project and the next video.

how everybody and this video will cover how to set up the tools needed for this course as well as explained.


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