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  • hi beauties welcome back to my channel today I wanted to do an earring

  • collection video you guys been asking about my jewelry in general I thought

  • I'm gonna start with the earrings I have to be honest I had probably three pairs

  • that I was learning for the past five years and then once this whole trend of

  • dainty beautiful gold jewelry came in it got me so inspired to curate a little

  • collection of my own which I put under layaway villarica basket which is my

  • brand I curated a bunch of these earrings that I personally love that I

  • personally wear and that I'm really proud of so I'm gonna show those to you

  • as well so the first pair that I'm going to show you are my most special and

  • probably the most expensive hair that I have in my collection and these were

  • giving me as a wedding gift by Gary these are my diamond studs I absolutely

  • adore them this is just a classic that I always go back to these I were usually

  • when I go to events something where I want to put a little more of a classic

  • look to it they have a really sentimental value to me so I always

  • always will cherish them and will never lose them Gary don't worry connects fair

  • is this mini gold huggy this is the slimmer version and this one is a pair

  • that are curated for Leia these are 14-karat gold I really wanted to find

  • something that is affordable but also good good quality these are basics that

  • you can wear every single day and mix-and-match the next one is also a

  • gold huggy but this one a thicker kind of more substantial look I also like to

  • mix and match actually the skinny one with the thicker one just to create a

  • little bit mention next up is my evil eye earrings

  • so one of the ways to protect you from evil eyes in the Jewish culture they

  • have the correct strain that protects you but there's also a symbol of an

  • actual eye we're supposed to protect you so to me obviously if you believe in

  • superstitions or not I feel like it's been drilled so deep into my head that I

  • actually drive a lot of power from it and I wanted to curate a version for my

  • ears by the way everything that I'm showing you from the lair collection is

  • available as well in white gold the next pyramid collection are these starburst

  • earrings this is just a beautiful pair to wear together if you only have two

  • holes this is just like a really understated the beautiful shines when

  • you move around this earring I actually got in Monaco when we went for the

  • Monaco influencer Awards which I was nominated you realize fighting in a

  • really fancy and we stayed in such a beautiful part in Monaco and there's all

  • these little boutiques and you walk around and I didn't want to buy anything

  • but I couldn't help but notice this Christian Dior earrings and I thought

  • that they are so unique Christian Dior had this earring where it has the two

  • pros at the big one in the back for a while but I really love this kind of

  • detail of the star next up are these threader's first of all it's

  • multi-purpose and you know that I'm all about multi-purpose earrings so

  • something that you can do with this threader is not only wear it it's just a

  • classic rather kind of looks like a who put a little the dangling thing and

  • another way is to take out your second piercing and then just kind of wrap the

  • thread around and then push it into the second pierce and then another option is

  • just to pull it all the way in and then you're kind of

  • a little dangling situation in the back then I really wanted to have an option

  • for earrings that will have a more feminine vibe to it I know that a lot of

  • them are dainty and pretty but for me after playing around with the Christian

  • Dior one that have a pearl when I saw these I really love the aspect of the

  • classic hoop with a little pearl inside cuz I got really into mixing and

  • matching my earrings to just kind of create different variations on my ears I

  • really got into studs so this is something that I found that looked

  • really really cool this is this little triangle these I also like to mix and

  • match with the other studs or hoops that I have okay this one I was really really

  • excited about this thick helix earring and I made sure to test it for a while

  • rate and shine like working out sleeping with it to make sure that it actually

  • stays so you can get the look without piercing anything next one is a classic

  • stud that I've been wearing and loving as well this is just a beautiful classic

  • star with diamonds on it they're small and beautiful dainty then I got these

  • hoops that are also huggies but these are with diamonds on them another pair

  • of studs that I've been wearing a lot are these Lotus ones and again this is

  • just a pretty feminine little dainty look it has the three diamonds and then

  • I have my most worn earring because this has such a unique shape to it was still

  • being really pretty this is the hook earring and I personally wear one of

  • them and then pair it with my huggy with diamonds on the second piercing so this

  • is like a look that I've been loving and wearing it and I feel like everywhere I

  • go and every time I shoot this earring everyone is asking where it's from so

  • I'm also really really excited for this unique little piece and I can't wait

  • seeing God's work in them you can find all these earrings except the doer and

  • the stats on sharply accom thank you guys so much for watching to see my nine

  • most worn items in my closet click here thank you guys so much

hi beauties welcome back to my channel today I wanted to do an earring


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