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OK, so today's the day we're going skinny trailer.
So we're trying to get changed right now.
A little bit.
We're going to go up and eat, but look at what we just did to this room.
These are the clothes I'm gonna put all that on right now.
I only have a T shirt, but I'm gonna put like, four T shirts on three sweaters and we're gonna go because it's minus 40.
It's gonna be a good day, though.
I'm gonna show you guys outside.
Look at this.
So much snow.
And I just hit my lunch on the window.
Well, I'm I'm not used to this lens being so long.
I just realized all my other hoods are underneath this Your cars?
I have 307 layers.
Think I'm good to go.
You heIp how ridiculous.
It's really, really snowing.
And we have GoPro mouths, so we're going to get some pretty epic fortitude.
So we made it up, we got our passes, and now we're gonna go see you can hardly see the run because it's very snowy and cloudy.
But I'm gonna be blogging on the go pro today, so hopefully that will be all right.
And I'm gonna be attaching it to my chest.
So you guys see me ski.
I just don't want to bring my good camera out in minus 40 weather because that might bring the camera.
So, so far, it's not going too well.
We, uh his battery died.
This battery's low.
This broke.
It really would.
You can't see anything on.
Everything else is good.
You have more cameras.
Kind of failed on that part.
Okay, Charlie, tell everyone what happened with battery way.
Got about four seconds of footage, and then the batteries rose because it's so cold that you did a lot of runs, right?
66 runs a and we're gonna back out now.
So we should get runs in.
Okay, So we're going down a double black diamond again.
Are you excited?
And now we can actually see, so it should be good.
Let's go see you.
So what?
We just went down in that rock and it looks nice right now with the sun on it.
GoPro's probably gonna die.
Yeah, the group was probably die.
Very, uh, what did that happen?
Waiting for the day.
And we're gonna go back in about 20 minutes.
What are we gonna do, Charlie?
Stop blogging.
So when we get back, you know, just challenge slapped me our bodies.
It's gonna be really fun.
But we're pretty much done for the day now, so that was pretty fun.
And I think we're both exhausted.
Way are out.
So he made it out alive.
We only crashed 16 times.
Yeah, everyone fell.
And, um, I'd use this GoPro the whole day just cause I didn't want to wreck my camera and get it freezing cold or anything on this battery died every like, 10 minutes.
So it's kind of good, though.
I didn't bring this guy out.
If you're wondering why the quality was kind of iffy when I was longing because it was the GoPro and the GoPro is really good is an action camera, but it's not good as of long cameras.
I was so warm with my seven layers.
I don't know about you 30 all right.
Time to take off my seven layers.
Oh, wait.
This one liver awkward.
I don't know if you want to be in the video stripping, but I am this is a strip show stripping on YouTube.
You make it people another sweater.
Oh, yes.
Oh, so this way commitment thing is this is what I was wearing on my my torso today.
Okay, so we got our clothes off and stuff, and now we're pretty much is chilling on what you said we got her clothes on.
Oh, no, not fully be weird.
But you know where I'm editing a video, Charlie, just kind of chilling.
We're gonna probably go in the hot tub later and stuff like that.
But for now, we're just kind of hanging out, and I'm pretty exhausted from skiing.
I don't know what we're gonna do for the rest of day, but right now, I'm just gonna try and get through this video because I need to be able thio at it and I'm trying to make these videos.
I can get it every single day and have them done by the end of the day.
So that's my goal.
Okay, so it's about nine o'clock.
We're gonna go on the hot stove right now, and it's I think it's like minus 28 tonight or something.
So it's pretty freezing out there, but Look, you can see myself, but yeah, that's the hearts of right there.
We're probably gonna be in for 30 minutes.
And one not was might as well, right?
So it turns out this bathing suit is way too small.
Yeah, that's true.
This bathing suit is way too small and it's interesting, so it's a lot later.
Now it's about 12.
30 at night or in the morning, I guess.
And I've just been realizing how long it's taking to edit because this one video took me a lot longer than it should have the first video driving up.
But I'm gonna get some sleep.
Hopefully, tomorrow will be a good day.
It's supposed to be sunny and I'll see you guys then.



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