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This is what we do at family reunions.
Shoot guns and play horseshoes way back in the car.
It's another day of road trips were going to meet up with our family, and I don't know where they live, but I'm hoping you guys don't drive us in the wrong direction.
So we're gonna Fredericton.
We're gonna hang with family.
I really like the fog today.
The phone booth.
Look at that.
One out of 10 parking job.
Yeah, What we're doing way arrived at the house.
This is obviously the house.
As you can tell, this is what every entrance to Ah, we don't have driveways here in New Brunswick, In Canada, all we have is trees were Canadian.
We go through the woods.
Uh, the bridges are breaking on my body.
This is someone's garden.
This is a typical driveway in Canada.
As you can see, they make driveways very accessible in Canada.
It's very easy.
Get someone's house.
Just gotta walk a couple kilometers through the wilderness.
Cannon is pretty crazy.
Like he's driveways sometimes.
Take a couple days.
Er what?
I don't know if you guys could talk, is the special effects were probably pretty amazing, but that was completely fake.
We're not gonna attack by with stop.
Am I doing it right?
I like the one where you hit yourself in the head.
It looks good.
I know I'm bleeding way.
And then you put the policy here.
All right, then, Helicon.
This is what we do at family reunions.
Shoot guns and play horseshoes.
You know, Was our family.
It's a pelican.
Don't worry.
There you have it.
You can't.
I did.
So what's on the right?
I hit it.
Why is he running?
Wait, so we're still shooting after a dinner?
Because shooting is very fun.
We're gonna try and shoot these things.
They're very small, obviously, and it's probably gonna explode, so I'm gonna film it.
Obviously, we're heading back now.
How do you feel after that bear attack way filmed the whole We filmed the scene.
I mean, it was totally really.
It wasn't.
It wasn't animation at all.



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