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Horseman always picks Swaggy.
Is the palaces Man Classic before I do?
I am.
Yeah, multiple wins.
What's up, guys?
So we're chilling right now.
We want to do some charity.
Alzheimer's research funding slash for gaming.
No way.
Kill game.
We just had our first with the least amount of killers.
Has to donate $1000 per kill.
Also research charity.
That's $19,000 time.
So it's a best of one rock every way.
It's okay.
It's like to want to.
All right, I think maybe what?
No, guys, I'm now about to go undercover, and you two reacts Gonna be filming.
It's pretty cool behind the scenes fortnight stopping people who don't know they're playing with me.
We're gonna find out.
So are you kidding me?
I'm serious, man.
You got to say I'm winning this competition.
Royal proud.
I was so nervous.
I wasn't even talking to.
It was a pleasure.
Thank you for game.
And I loved it.
This is the best experience of the world.
You're at Universal Studios right now, and I'm about to interview with Mario Lopez, and I'm a big fan, but I'm not Tom a big fan.
I don't wanna be that.
And I'm not gonna call him Slater.
What's going on?
I'm going to meet you.
Mario Lopez.
Joining me now in Studio Professional.
E Sports Player in streamer, Tyler Blevins A ninja or so OK, And now you essentially built lucrative career.
When did you recognize that you're able to make money?
I was 19 years old when I first started streaming.
Eventually I made, like, I think, $1000.
Let's roll up.
I need to see the cash.
And then And then before I let you go.
What questions?
Quick answers.
Ready song that's stuck in your head, baby Shark movie.
You've seen the most probably ready player.
One last show.
You binge watched Lucifer.
Well, thanks so much for coming.
That was fascinating, man.
Learned a lot like Hey, thanks.
Wait, Debbie.
Office looks like the mission empire going, guys.
Totally awesome place and colored beauty of pain.
That's what it is.
The bleachers in a little kingly.
Then after this, the color and then the final snips of the cuts of the hair and then flawlessness ready Final product.
Six hours later, you can't rush perfection I'll be back.
All the kids in my family think I'm cool now.
Hell, yeah.
Then they call me like new.
Some new.
You know, I thought it was calling me new.
So I'm going in A new fight started to click Broke all coming together First win of many road.
What's up, guys?
Chill in here for nigh throwing lounge, but just eaten having a good time and hang out with everyone who are about to get in and fight for I actually have a strategy.
Just gonna come over here.
I hope you guys enjoy the venue is pretty freaking amazing now Game time.
Let's get it, Royal.
Like we're all done here, guys.


You Wont Believe What I Did In LA! - Ninja Vlog

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林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 27 日 に公開
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