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so many videos.
I'm always talking about how my brain is small and I'm not that smart.
So today we're gonna try and make this brain sweat.
Stretch it on mold.
It's to make it smarter.
13 hard questions and widows to make your brain sweats from a channel called seven Second Riddles.
Yes, my vibe statues are they ladies?
Things is what we're doing to our brain.
Glenn was walking in the woods one day.
Okay, Glenn and he came across a cave.
What's going going to do?
Oh, that looks so interesting.
He does a good just.
He decided to enter the cave and see what Itwas be careful.
Glenn Glenn was wandering around the cave, minding his own business when suddenly he tripped.
Oh, no.
Glenn Glenn, buddy.
I know it says he tripped, but I'm not seeing no trip in here.
What is this?
He lost balance and fell into the water of clad.
The flow carried Glenn off in a minute.
He fell down in the drawer.
Underground river, The force of the waterfall.
Is this supposed to be seven seconds?
This is definitely going on for about 40 is good.
I'm going to survive in a reversed current, so Glenn couldn't swim out of it.
Oh, no.
He's getting exhausted.
Light drowned.
I actually feel stressed.
He might drown soon.
I wasn't expecting this.
Level off.
Extremism to the riddles, my eyes actually palpitating.
I'm worried for Glenn's life.
Did he do to survive?
Oh, now have to choose.
Hey, guys.
Option one.
Collect all his forests and swim out of the current.
Okay, To dive down as deep as possible.
I think he should swim to the side and climb up the wolf.
What should he do to survive?
Here's the seven seconds.
Actually, an unfortunate This is my first riddle since he's the only one.
I'm gonna pause.
What should he do?
Glenn's in big trouble.
What would I do?
I probably just give up.
I think c I'm going See?
See Glenn.
Swim to the rocks is gonna die.
What's gonna happen?
You know, the current will pull the leading body backward.
The current Dalai less strong there.
He's already exhausted and he won't be able to reach the war.
Why didn't I think of this?
The force of the current is less when you go down.
Glenn should swim forward.
when he's underwater and get away from the waterfall as far as possible.
I love this narration.
It's fantastic.
We killed Glen.
If we were glad we'd be dead.
Next riddle.
Can you spot the killer?
I'm sorry.
Oh, someone killed this man.
Is that one minute dead?
The next?
Oh, look at the guy on the right.
Oh, no account.
And he died a card.
I compose it.
Can you find the guilty?
I need to look for a weapon.
There it is.
This'll be easy.
Is the woman in the middle of a bullet wound and gone in the popcorn?
The next riddle, Please hold up, Hold up.
So you can see it is literally right there.
Boom, Boom.
Well, that one was pretty easy.
Thank you for being nice to me.
Look at these dancers thing.
Oh, definitely.
Shouldn't be laughing as much as I am right now.
They're that cartoon characters.
This is hypothetical on Dhe generation is cracking me up.
Okay, okay.
One of them is dead.
I'm looking for one another.
Conceal the killer.
Well, actually, pink.
It's pink.
It's missing from our ankle.
She did it.
If you're gonna do something like that.
Don't make it so obvious.
Gunning the popcorn.
This is hanging out on the exact same color of outfit you're wearing.
These color these killers am inches straight amateur missing her hair bow.
Okay, Never mind.
Never mind.
I got it wrong.
I feel like I've been click baited here.
Look, look right here.
She's missing her pink thing right here.
I don't even know what it's called.
Ankle tie Her shoe lace.
Yeah, definitely went missing.
Killed Glen by giving him terrible advice when you got trapped in a cave.
And I've also arrested the wrong person for murder.
This is not good.
All right, in the lab, someone's gonna die for sure.
This guy's cracking me up.
I got some loving Someone's going to die.
Official who's gonna die.
Oh, poor guy.
Alright, guys, can you spot the burns?
Green isn't the guy with the tats.
He's holding the greens splotchy and he's got a green ring.
I I think it's green.
Let's see who's the culprit is gonna be the guy with the green test tube importing.
It looks like he's burned.
And this guy has some burning hot liquid.
No, I'm bothered this really about it?
This Did you get that?
These are actually hard.
These are baking my brains sweat.
I can feel it.
Who will survive someone in gummy basil?
Someone in marshmallows?
In a huge bucks of gummy bears?
Who would survive?
Who could eat the quickest trapped in marshmallows?
I feel like I don't know.
I think that both that that was going to die, uh, the gummy bears gonna survive because there's more gaps out of No, they're both pretty difficult to escape from the gummy bears.
They're hard, so it'll be easier to curl out of the box.
All right, All right.
I only sent two of the wrong people to prison so far.
That's no bad.
If I was a policeman, that would be a terrible record.
But next, there's no narration on this.
Jake left in a quiet once, was joking.
What is so dark?
He came across the body of a young girl.
Her name was Chloe.
How did you know that?
Actually, he immediately called the police.
Good job, buddy.
The police came and quickly found out she was last night.
Someone poisoned crab in through the river.
Maybe she just ate that mushrooms, mushrooms, wild mushrooms.
The most poisonous.
Maybe that just happened.
How do they know where this information?
The police officer interrogated her neighbors.
I broke up with my boyfriend a week ago on.
No one asked you Wait.
Talk about the death of Chloe here.
What's wrong with why you talking about this?
I haven't talked to anyone up to now.
I guess that's a good alibi.
Kevin accepted my parents yesterday.
Wait a second, will you?
Will you just not say I've just come hub?
Oh, yeah.
Kevin, why is there an empty glass?
It you make me feel suspicious, Kevin.
Very suspicious on Jacob.
My wife's parents came to our town.
We had a family dinner yesterday.
Okay, That's a lot of alibis, actually.
Officer immediately realized that what I think is a talented officer.
I couldn't even tell when all of the evidence was in front of me.
Who killed who, But this officer has an in built lie detector.
I think she might be a robot.
Who is it gonna be, though?
I think it's the middle guy, I think.
Yeah, definitely the guy on the left.
I'm staying on the lack of kind of remember is named, but he's very suspicious with wine glasses in the background.
That's my theory.
Yes, you were so with glory.
And actually this is kind of dark.
Are noticed it, though.
Can I join the police force again now?
Okay, let's do something a little bit more lighthearted now.
This is pretty intense.
Why is Lisa angry?
Who's Lisa?
Obviously, she's the angry one.
Why could she possibly be angry?
Isn't because this girl will love her?
Eyes is pouring water into her waist.
Who is a robot now?
This is more like it.
Who's got a robotic hand?
Robotic feet, eyes hold up.
That looks like a dodgy thumb to me.
Who could it possibly be?
Everyone looks fairly normal.
No one's got lights coming out of their eyes.
Could it be the waiter Tim going dot That's a dead giveaway.
Should have worn a hat, Sir, if you're trying to be undercover, it's the guy in the red T shirt and must be It's got a flashing light.
Orders said he should have copied the guy sitting opposite him and wore a hat.
There is there is a robot.
00 wait, There's a kid.
This one's quick.
The one of the bomb, right?
She'd be way too fast.
The clams.
Oh, man, this is actually very difficult.
Robot robot.
And you with flexion guys.
Oh, God!
Is that words fairly obvious.
So many robots.
Is it the pigeon?
Is it the dog?
It is the dog.
There's a dog right there, and it's got It's literally plugged into both of them.
A robot robot dog!
Robot woman.
There she is, plugged into a hybrid dog.
It's not even gonna tell us the answer.
That I mean, I'm pretty sure was our Though Alison is a well known florist.
Is she gonna die?
Please don't kill Allison.
She looks so kind yesterday off.
You know what I just say?
No, This is heartbreaking.
Allison was the heart and soul of the florist.
Re business with two flowers in her hand.
She was looking for caught with this.
It's so like I don't know.
I don't even know.
The word is it's hilarious.
You put down the killers.
Okay, Maybe it's less funny now, but we have to wait.
Before I love Alison had three competitors.
You could be so Amanda Green Robert Wolf on Olivia Wooden.
Who is cesspit?
Wait, what's, um how could we tell from this?
I have no idea who drinks the most water.
It was Robert.
It was Amanda Green.
I'm terrible at these.
How could you even tell that Amanda Alison took the are blue and yellow flowers?
Is that what the tops they were wearing when mixed, these colors turn green?
That was There's no way anyone got that.
You could also make the conclusion that huh apron was green.
So that's how she knew who the killer was.
Okay, last one.
Can you spot the monster?
We could have a cat.
Someone strong hands, guys.
Literally can't see it.
I have no idea.
The tea towel.
Oh, I saw it is on the left.
I'm pretty sure I saw what shouts up.
Okay, I'm looking for this one.
I've watched monsters in 74 times.
That soccer ball is extremely suspicious.
It's under a bottle left.
Watch out!
Killers, please.
Oh, no, She's gone.
Oh, you guys are both so dead.
Always working in a haunted place.
Mummies are literally wrapped up dead bodies.
So you're in trouble.
It's gonna be the money, right?
Actually, I didn't see it.
That's all this guy's done for.
I can't warn him about the consequences And where the monsters are.
There it is.
You're dead broke.
Why is everyone getting ready?
Is a time bomb.
Why did you have a time woman show?
Oh, is that the monster?
Is the cat the monster?
If so, that's incredibly obvious.
That wasn't even a monster that the jacket sway in a little bit.
Oh, I literally don't see any is just the cat.
Don't want figure this out.
Her reflection was smiling when looking at the cat.
Keeping on a reflection.
She's her own monster.
Oh, yeah.
It was like two seconds.
How did I miss that?
That that was creepy.
There it is.
Oh, it's our reflection.
The cat was just I'm sorry for blaming you, cat.
My brain does feel like it has been stretched, molded and sweating.
How did your brain film to feel good?
I like these.
These are really cool and they're pretty fun to do as well.
So if you enjoy these and would like to see some more videos on different brittle because there are literally thousands of videos on this channel of loads of different scenarios, and I think they're really fun.
If you enjoyed this, I'd like to see more.
We would like that we really appreciated.
Hit that subscribe button down below the little red button to join the firm today and four videos every single day.
And I'll see you will in the next one would look out for the monsters they could be literally anywhere.
Bye back in Candle campus for four Rubber band.


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