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Okay, first Dublin, let's go.
Three lives.
I always forget that land with guns.
Open the door and I face through the door.
You don't know where we're responding.
I just write down.
Come on over here.
I got him.
Anything I have, I sculpt.
They are just helping right now.
Up to you.
You're going up.
You know what?
I'm there.
Like I look back 1 46 white before Good way.
Have a lot of boys coming on.
It was like there's, like, three boys in the mountain over.
There are not enough.
34 white up there on the door you have Hello?
Okay, guys, reverse And I played off dream last night.
Dios boys like arenas.
It was insane.
We have, like, one team, if that landing on it every game.
Yeah, not even.
I didn't know it was gonna be like that.
I Oh, hey, Also, how many people were rotated on its mid game comedy to the late game rose?
Not Maybe one team landed on us the entire time line for two hours.
I mean, we were getting streams life, but like I don't know is that I was like, maybe like maybe two teams.
You know, it's like 10.
10 minimum.
Why is speculating on?
It's like that never happened.
We get landed on what time we're playing on a dream.
Yeah, I never questioned Push from a different except those high crunches.
Okay, we need to go in until I know what's hit this room.
Let's hit the rift.
Listen, let's hit the way.
Want to get inside the Continental bro?
Okay, so in John Wick, they're part of this organization, right?
And when you're inside on the grounds of the continental U and not kill or by anyone at all like you're safe, if you do get it, like, you know, executed.
So it's in tilted.
The continental is in tilted.
So yes, So in this game is in the same way that we could really land tilted and hide in there.
And we have most kills.
And they know what people would have to wait for us to come out.
We don't have the most were way lost.
We'll get back.
I know.
Let's go make a phone.
Number three is a magnum.
No, no, there's ah going.
I don't want this court you just collected to give you a little bit running on top?
It's right on top.
I told her that weapons and glued on Lee drop when they have find it.
Well, more like someone.
So not here.
No one.
All right, class, Like she's gone.
I'm trying to back there.
His gun is actually Does their lost his last night way are in the lead, Chief?
Nice again.
Really comfortable of this scope.
There you go.
Oh, tactical tactical.
So right.
All right.
I love you.
Act ical.
So rifle.
Car five.
You didn't take it All I actually saw on Twitter.
That was pretty hilarious, man.
David, the doughnut and the outward, uh, cool.
Keith, Thank you for 500.
Okay, we're going.
I did.
You know, this something?
That's not so I was just Slappy, I but no vans.
Oh, the fretting Over here.
Number two.
Number two's over here.
That's why I'm here.
I had a lot of there.
If you need something, I'm good.
He's right below me and metal.
No one I got.
Look how far we're in the lead.
I don't.
We're actually dominating.
I don't have any kills 14.
Any honest from the east?
It's always nice.
The white, You know, my guilt.
I want to reverse the music.
You can hear this too.
Yeah, I think I think when I think when you're first right.
Last life from Mumbai airport, I e.
I have a launch pad.
It's like they're they're music or in the movies.
You know, this is a music.
This is the movie music.
It's one of one of their songs.
It sounds like it's edited a little bit.
You know, whenever I like.
Whenever people talk about John Wick, it's literally just him destroying like, 80 people.
He you know he is invincible.
Okay, I'm not going down here.
But then there's one on me one.
Oh, my God.
Have you not brought needs to get me up?
I'm coming.
I have no matter.
You gotta have everything Be fine.
They're coming to get me now.
One is.
Get over here.
Yeah, he's gotta have Somebody is trying to He has no idea what he don't have.
No mats.
Young could be half mine.
I'm Larry King.
I'm not I'm not people down there.
There, there.
What's your for one?
Fraud committed coming out.
I'm ripping.
What about you?
No, I'm going in on top, then.
All right.
No one coming up.
Look, I gotta give her, okay?
Waas that e 1000 yard.
So, Yeah, I'm back there.
All right, you shoot.
People shield.
I don't want it off.
I know it feels I What?
You don't games.
Let's go, bro.
Literally dominated.


Ninja Is Unstoppable in NEW LTM Wick's Bounty 22 Elims

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