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Who's back back again?
Hey, guys, had to leave you with Watch Mojo.
Today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 actors who returned two iconic roles.
You know where you are, what you're made of wars in your blood.
We'll be taking a look at actors who reprise some of their most well known roles after years away from them.
Let's get to it.
If you like what you're hearing, be sure to check out the full song at the link below Number 10.
Patrick Stewart, Jean Luc Picard Patrick Stewart is a phenomenal actor with many memorable roles under his belt, but one of his most iconic ISAS captain Jean Luc Picard, captain of the USS Enterprise.
You have a tell that is impossible, sir.
Everyone, that you died late, your left pupil ostentatiously, I might had in an effort to cheat me into thinking that you have a two.
Stewart, Last Appeared, is the compassionate and inquisitive captain in 2002 in the film Star Trek Nemesis, and after 18 years he's finally come back as one of the Star Trek franchise is most memorable figures in the series Star Trek.
Picard may I ask your name?
Dodge Dodge.
I'm Jean Luc.
I know.
And not because of the interview, because you're the great man.
We're already relishing just seeing Cardamom small screen again as we've had to wait even longer for that.
I never asked anything of myself.
That's all I know.
I haven't been living ways into the high number nine.
Bruce Campbell Ash Williams names housewares Hail to the King Baby.
Bruce Campbell rose to fame in the 19 eighties, playing Ash Williams, the pulpy hero of the comedic horror films in The Evil Dead.
Siri's several decades after his final movie performance in the role, Campbell returned in the TV series Ash versus Evil.
Dead to reprise it.
Are You Out of Your mind?
Oh, it sounds crazy, doesn't it?
I'm old graying, £10 overweight.
10 okay, £30 overweight.
But it doesn't matter.
Although down on his luck and hardened by his experiences, Campbell's Ash remains a fantastically entertaining character.
I may suck balls as a father, but I will not let evil take that away.
Brandy Emmett or my balls.
We got it.
It's just a shame that the show was canceled after three seasons as we would have loved to have more adventures with the grooviest hero of them all.
How does it feel?
Number eight.
Paul Newman, Fast Eddie Felson, Paul Newman First played Pool hustler Fast Eddie Felson in 1960 one's The Hustler.
In that film, Eddie is an up and coming hustler whose life is beset by tragedy.
Yeah, it bothers me a lot.
Did you see twice Sarah, Once it aims with Minnesota Fats and then again at Arthur's, a cheap, crummy pool.
Know why I do it, Sarah?
Why'd I could be that guy Could've beat him cold.
He never would have no.
25 years later, Neuman returned as a much older Eddie who comes out of enforced retirement to mentor another young pool player in The Art of the Hustle.
I think you're a choker, kiddo.
500 bucks says.
You choked right now.
Don't you take a walk.
Ask anybody.
Wanna bet 500 bucks that kid choke.
While there is some debate over which film is better, Newman's performance is just a cz good in both of them.
Although it was his acting in the color of money that finally earned him a much deserved Oscar win after many nominations.
You used me.
Yes, I did.
But you're in Atlantic City now with the big boys.
You're not back there in the stock room playing around with baby dolls.
Think about it.
It's a wash about all that other stuff.
I don't take much pride in that number.
Anthony Perkins, Norman Bates Anthony Perkins played one of the most influential horror slasher villains ever as the mentally disturbed motel manager Norman Bates in the original Psycho See, and they'll know their say, but she wouldn't even have.
It took 23 years, but Perkins eventually returned to his infamous role in Psycho to on Norman Norman Bates in the sequel.
Bates has been seemingly rehabilitated following decades in a psychiatric facility.
However, the people around him and his own past seek to push him back to what he once Waas.
While most will agree, Psycho to isn't as good as the first male, Perkins remained simultaneously sympathetic and disturbing as Bates.
It's all right, your mother married.
How many times have you killed Mother?
How many times number six Linda Hamilton Sarah Connor, arguing with calories puts us at a strategic disadvantage bite me as tempting as it was to choose Arnold Schwarzenegger's Reprisal as the titular Terminator in Terminator Genesis.
Instead, we ultimately went with another actor from the same franchise who was gone for even longer.
My name is Sarah Connor.
When I was about her age, a Terminator was sent to kill Me to stop the birth of my son, John.
Leader of the Resistance Linda Hamilton had previously played Sarah Connor, the mother of humanity's future resistance leader, in the 1st 2 Terminator movies.
Almost three decades later, she reprised the role in 2019 Terminator Dark Fate.
I don't have a photograph of charm.
I never took it.
Even after such a long interim, Hamilton proved she could still be a badass, imbuing the hardened Sarah Connor with all the anger and bitterness one might expect from a grieving mother who likes big guns, who won't let her die for me again.
And you need to be ready.
Number five.
Carrie Fisher, Leia Organa.
That's why I wanted him to train with Luke.
I just never should have sent him away.
That's when I lost him.
That's right.
Lost Princess Slash.
General Leia Organa is one of star wars, most iconic characters.
And although she may have been away from the role for 32 years, we completely by her as both the young Rebel and the experience to general build the rebellion.
From this, we have everything we need.
Tragically, Fisher passed away during the filming of the sequel trilogy, and despite some technical wizardry that capturing the final film for one last swan song We can't help but be sad that she couldn't deliver it herself.
Our only hope is that Fisher is now one with the force.
I came to face in lab, and I can't say I held out hope for So I know my son Go.
No one's ever really gone.
Number four.
Jamie Lee Curtis Laurie Strode.
You don't believe in the Boogey Man.
I believe in Michael Myers, a deranged serial killer.
The Boogeyman.
You should.
One of the horror genres original Final Girls finally returned last, appearing in Halloween.
Resurrection in 2000 to Jamie Lee Curtis returned in 2018 as Laurie Strode the sister and frequent target of the Halloween franchise is perpetual killer antagonised.
Michael Myers You need help and you are not welcome in this house until you get it.
I have tried to protect you and prepare you.
Now we have to hunt him down.
Although the movie ignores the continuity of all the films besides the first, Curtis's performance is a paranoid and haunted woman is quite riveting, given that plans for several Sequels, including one in 2020 or underway fans, definitely won't have to wait as long to see Curtis as strode again.
Good bye, Michael.
Number three.
Mark Hamel, Luke Skywalker.
The continuation of the original Star Wars trilogy brought back several of its stars, and Mark Hamill also returned.
Is the heroic Jet I, Luke Skywalker.
Close your eyes Now reach out.
I feel something.
Yes, I feel that's the force, really, how it's really strong.
Weary from loss and the choices he's made, this Luke is far more bitter and defeated than when he was last seen decades before.
Fortunately, he manages to rekindle his former hope after training a new jet.
I ray, this is just now.
When we talk, I saw his future a solid as I'm seeing you.
If I go to then so will time.
Great, Go do this.
While Hammel has been vocal in his criticism of his character's journey in the films, he nevertheless delivers a fantastic performance.
And regardless of whether you agree with him, Hamel is certainly a better actor now.
I failed.
I'm sorry, I'm sure you are.
Resistance is dead.
The war is over.
And when I killed you, I would have killed the last Jetta.
Every word of what you just said was wrong.
Number two.
Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa.
Time was by too fast.
While it was tempting to discuss Stallone's return in one of his other famous roles, John Rambo, we couldn't help but choose what is arguably his most well known character, Rocky Balboa.
Stallone has returned to the role after an absence several times in the last 20 years, and we honestly couldn't choose between them.
His return to the ring as an older fighter in Rocky Balboa is a wonderful last battle for the old fighter.
While his turn as a mentor in Creede, as well as his fight with cancer, is also a refreshing turn for the character.
You gotta bring the fight to him like I did.
You gotta go to the body dig, and in doing that very dangerous place you could get laid out.
It ain't easy for me to be in your corner.
I love you.
Ready for Creed is a perfect example of a reboot done right.
And nobody could have played Rocky except Stallone before we unveil our number one pick.
Here are some honorable mentions.
You should be at least a two star admiral by now.
Yet here you are, Captain.
What is that?
It's one of life's mysteries, sir.
What I mean is that in the last century we amassed landmark technological power, and we've consistently proven ourselves incapable of handling that power.
80 years ago, who could've predicted nuclear proliferation?
But then there it was.
And now we've got genetic power.
So how long is it gonna take for that to spread around the globe and what's gonna be done with it?
You ain't gonna stop with the extinction of the dinosaurs, that's all.
Water under the bridge.
Now here I think of the bright side.
You're finally getting a meter, and you never had to change all those poopie diapers.
That's called being a parent, Lloyd.
Besides, I changed your poopie diapers for 20 years.
They took 122,000 hours of my life for a victimless crime.
I ate my bitterness every goddamn day.
And when I got out, who was waiting for me?
Not even my own daughter.
How did you know my name?
Have been way shall be your friend.
Uh, look, uh, I don't know you.
I am spoke.
Before we continue.
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Number one.
Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones, Han Solo and Rick Deckard.
Take off that mask.
You don't need it.
What do you think you'll see if I do the face of my son.
Harrison Ford has played so many iconic roles.
You might say he had an unfair advantage here.
From a space smuggler to swashbuckling archaeologist to neo noir policeman.
Ford has done it all more than once.
Sometimes to love someone.
You gotta be a stranger.
He may be an incorrigible grump about many of his most famous characters, but the fact is, he's returned to several of them in recent years, and we have to love him for it.
People are coming on us, Theo Galax.
He is coming on us.
We'll figure it out.
You're so coarse.
That's not how the force works.
While he may be an older man now, Ford has brought his experience to his iconic parts and used that grumpiness to add a new layer to them, even if his stunt work isn't what it used to be.
Damn, I thought that was closer.
Do you agree with our picks?
Let us know in the comments.
And hey, if you're a fan of the song playing right now, be sure to check out the music video for it right here.


Top 10 Actors That Returned to Iconic Roles

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