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uh, names.
Low the intro.
Leave your entries in the Red Rose.
I haven't showered since 2018.
You mean 2019?
No, Dolan, take a freaking shower.
That's so gross.
I smell it from here.
It was.
Think you thinkI private showered since the last decade.
You mean the decade from 2010 to 2020 No.
2018 1st mean Uganda knuckles 2019 1st mean Mafia city 20 21st me World War three.
I can't wait to get my drafting letter.
Banking news signed me up for that.
My man man, born in 4 2019 69 wants to change his first name as nice.
The World War Three means really lost their meaning quite quickly.
Then they suddenly there were just not as important anymore.
Happy New Year's from Asia.
Imagine still being in the last decade this post was made by Asia Gain good one Asia.
Good one.
Me accidentally steps some toy Pick my dog.
So you have chosen playtime.
Time to play.
How would we have fun there when World War Three is trending and you realize we're all 19 year olds now I'm in danger.
Oh God!
What happened to my audience.
I need the nine year olds back.
I need the nine year olds back so I can keep making videos and having audience.
I watches down.
Please don't get drafted.
Please go to the doctor and say You got tuberculosis or something?
Come on, man.
Come on.
You got to keep watching bus drivers when they see each other pilots when they see each other.
Is it because Is that a peepee joke?
When your life in that world War three maims and start to wonder why the sun is coming out at 9 p.m. That was a little too dark for me.
Get it?
Because it isn't dark in all this.
Quite light.
That's bright.
The humor so far has just been amazing.
2020 here.
But you realize said 17 2018 2019.
Had a massive plague outbreak.
I'm beginning to see a pattern here that I'm not sure I like.
What is the pen?
There's a pattern.
People talking about World War three happening majors.
Waking up God, how old are these two days?
And it's already irrelevant.
Jesus, Petey pie.
It's really messed up when people pressure you into having a baby.
Also, P d pay Frank.
I don't know how I walked into that mean Good job, Felix.
When read, it goes from talking about the Australian fires to the plague and World War three old within the 1st 72 hours of the decade.
Oh, no, it's old falling apart.
You know, war is bad in all, and it's bad for the economy in general.
But it's good for the Mame economy, you know, At least we'll get epic means, you know, at least we could get more pickle Rick Missile, Ricks and stuff like that.
I'd be epic.
All the sumers will be Fortnight dancing copper over three.
The Flash player shutting down plague Australia on Fire, My Depression!
A terrible 2020.
Let's get it.
Let's make this the worst year ever.
Guys starting the decade off correctly or if you got two seconds and you only get one chance on this Um, I can't believe that made me laugh.
The equivalent of fortnight Bad, I swear.
Funny check from me, Right, Shrek.
It's funny.
It's ironic.
I'm being ironic.
Shit is funny.
It's not funny, but I'm being double, double ironic.
So that makes what does that make shrink petition for?
Appears to review the World War Three means so that it dies in the war never happens.
All right, guys, I got you on this one.
Don't worry.
I'll really kill The new guy.
Means so Not gonna lie each baby peer deep.
I I would master Yoda.
You stay away from my child.
Which is me, the child of me.
That is me.
Follow your dreams awful.
Or your dreams.
This mean has cinnamon toast Can energy all over it.
Girls hitting puberty.
I hate to my periods.
Voice hitting puberty.
Where is this from?
A reference guide.
I'm on the bus and this guy is so fine.
But he has an iPhone six and you're on a bus.
Four poor people.
Right on budgets.
Poor, small, peopIe small people.
I don't care if it's as big people confident.
All right, fine.
Think we've changed my mind.
I'm punk.
So I'm a rebel.
I'm Asian drivers like math.
I dye my hair.
So bling Blang.
I am a youtuber, so I must be sponsored by Red Shadow.
Legend Except me.
I have integrity guys I will not know.
Right shadow Ladies, if you're watching, go away.
I will not sink to steep level stoop level of pathetic nous.
I don't want your money.
I can't be bought.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Pizza delivery guys when they're Stephen order at 11.
59 so they don't have to hear the I ordered life.
Stick it.
It's like one of those jokes.
Do you feel like you have to say I'm not gonna lie?
I made a decade joke, but it was It was a lot of levels of irony behind it, and the timing was completely office.
Well, I did it before, so I didn't even makes him.
Mo Jang previously stated they didn't want to create Sky Day mentioned until they could make another more interesting.
Now there are becoming motion has great of a their mom.
Finally, we can smoke the cloud's finally maybe find like in visit idea power up in sky.
Oh my God.
A decade of beautify tribute is one of those where it's all Oh wow, 00 wow.
Oh, it's a little annoying because, you know, it's just like an overlay.
It's not the picture.
It's so you know what I mean?
It's not like they found picture that outline this right is no.
All right.
I mean ah, big peopie.
He joins the army to pay for college three star.
Hey, at least if you die your enough to pay back your debt.
The four Horsemen of whom, um, listen, send us out to World War Three will take care of it quite quickly.
University student in Hong Kong now using trip Boucher to retaliate against the police.
That's what I've been saying.
This is huge people the energy because Trey Boucher are like a birthright to people.
And I'm so glad they're you're utilizing it.
Well done, Hong Kong.
I respect you.
Well done, big people.
Dry brush, a running down try bullshit.
That's what I've always said.
Don't know what to say to you.
A girl during a date, Trevor Shay What?
No Trib Bullshit!
You don't stain.
Ah, Crab, you shit!
She's speaking French.
He's so cultured.
He must have a big P p and then you get laid instantly.
Trust me, guys.
Trust me on this one, Carson groups I'm waiting for the day.
World War Three happens and people start making names of it.
Big peopIe Here's a moral on wall in my town down in Australia.
Goddamn, that's a big people that luscious locks guarantee you petition to change the up down vote icons.
PeopIe or smoke peopie small peopIe.
All I said was, I beat the andr dragon with no armor.
On who?
That's big people.
That's big creepy when you buy eight WiFi routers to make a mean because it's cheaper than buying, editing softer stocks.
Okay, Felix, He just had eight of his friends changed the name of hot spots.
Reddit me knowing none of us read it.
Hers have eight.
I read it, Shrek.
Funny, Shrek.
But everyone All right, fine.
You get peopie Aah!
When you hear that your husband decided the size of the peopie a random stranger in in a confused ravioli noises might say, gets big p.
What Australians be like 11 59.
That's awful.
I couldn't possibly give this a big P p.
I'll give a small peopIe whips mis clicked.
All men are pigs.
Women are equal to men.
I will initiate self destruct.
Women just got owned epically.
That's a big people for women World's last male northern white rhino dice.
Ah, that's so sad.
Small peopie That's so saying.
There it is.
The guy on the left got number two.
The guy on the right didn't even make the list.
You'll see the problem.
You'll see the problem disgusting Me planning what to say if I ever saw Felix Me When I see Felix, There you go.
It actually happened twice over Someone like I know.
I know.
I'm supposed to say something.
I don't know what it is about related.
Does I?
From now on, I'm not going to repeat myself.
What it iss okay, I'm just gonna be, like password.
Small, freaky.
Go away.
But can I have a shelf small peopie Go away.
What is the male equivalent of Frick?
This I'll just be a stripper.
The military?
Yeah, pretty much.
See you guys at World War Two.
Big V P.
When you make a joke and class and your crush laughed the loudest.
The best thing that can happen to a potato potatoes be like I'm not sure if I understand this joke.
I'm gonna go with small people in this because I don't get it.
Are you saying that you're a potato.
This one is amazing.
Feelings After beating entered and 69 Jack after beating and a dragon 69 Noise, My fellow 19 year olds Australia has been on fire for almost three months.
Spread awareness.
No way.
That many.
What's Uh huh?
It's not funny.
Don't laugh at it.
What's that hot?
Why would you write?
Hi there.
It's not funny.
The last video of the decade will be happy wheels.
So prepare yourself.
Well, that was a frickin light.
Well, I did it.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Was late.
Damn, that's sick.
And you guys complained There's not fan art.
Look at that.
That's amazing.
Very nice.
Oh, whoa!
I consume in its stuff.
Very lunch, Dick.
Ah, I got to meet Betty by today.
Super cool and really nice guy.
And he passed attached math related to science.
That's how we knew.
Did you pass phrase?
Yes, it did feel like slowly start to lose legs.
90 0 my God.
That's so sad.
Look at all the slow ass.
I was actually winning that race, as he can tell here, because there's no one ahead of me.
No one except the person taking the photo.
But they weren't.
Ah, baby Yoda, baby Groot, baby Sonic baby Felix Speed Pretty pie people by damn, I really look like Aiken slaves.
Um, you know what I mean?
I look like I'm not fucking around.
You two birds.
Should I fight to the death?
Meet me on the sky block at dawn.
Body aria.
Oh, Jackson Way.
Both have 69 power level, My God, for truly a match periods.
The person who made this has big pp run a reddit.
Er Well, actually, it's a girl.
Did I started?
That's a great episode.
Big peopie me dying in World War Three.
The guy that killed me, it starts doing fourth.
Do they have fortnight in Iran?
I think this is a really important thing before I go.
Mom, do they have fourth?
19 Iran?
Can't we just settle it in like one big battle or yell instead?
We have to commit killing right when you realise periods is taken break when World War Three is happening.
I'm beginning to see a pattern here that I'm not so sure I like good.
I'll be in Japan when it happens.
Guys, don't worry.
Oh, God damn it!
Maybe this time Japan will win.
If you're Pankisi, will I'll be fighting on their side.
You're a crush talks to you.
She wants to show you a mean She opens.
Read it.
It's your mean Damn, that's how you know you're straight about to get some action like that's just instead, people how effort is rewarded.
I hope it's a fact.
Even if you can't draw your Mim still gets up votes because it's faint heart.
And that's a fact.
Been drawing martyrs The essence last year.
What a journey!
And that's the fact it doesn't want to be me.
Oh my God.
I couldn't even tell because there was so well drawn that it was two photo realistic.
I thought I was looking in a mirror.
Speak pp Oh, my God, they made it for the maim.
It looks so five e You still get a big beefy I'm not gonna lie.
It looks even worse than the video.
I'm not saying Looks good.
I'm just saying that I think it would look even uglier if you painted gold.
Big peopie potential right here.
Oh, God, baby.
Oh, that makes me want to try it rubble.
Three should be fought on my cuffs ever so nobody's gonna hurt.
Yes, let's just hunger games and out.
Guys, come on.
We don't have to kill each other.
Hey, son.
I found a picture of your grandpa.
Hey, son.
Yeah, Domestic tomorrow.
I don't like this.
Don't make fun of me.
World War Three.
Here we come.
New USA military uniforms.
Damn, This is gonna be the new area.
51 Mean, I feel like that's the energy I'm getting here.
You know, it feels really bad to joke about this, but also, it's so good for the mean economy.
So I kind of me winning fake arguments in the shower, The shampoo bottles, big paper.
Oh, I just dog every once in a while I do CrossFit I lift competitively.
Beard said I have big people.
Big p.
You know you have double P p.
How big does that make it pp?
There's news of and World War Three and you have a brother.
He's only nine.
He watches PG pies, actually, 19 0 no, you're not in now again.
I changed it back.
The worry.
Guys, if you're watching this, you're nine years old.
Only get their smash like on the video and share it with a friend.
And they will also turn nine.
So you don't have to get drafted.
Don't worry.
You're safe up both this image to instantly have girlfriends.
All right, maybe the large.
I'm not that type of girl.
10 minutes later.
Next Mean wow.
Me when?
I mean, when I see how I heard the bareback on games with that little spotted in Toronto, I'm probably a little late, but still pretty nice of them.
Yeah, it's so nice and I didn't see it.
I can't believe it.
I'm so it's still really cool.
Thank you.
Gee, fuel check out G field Guys, enter the code p deep.
I treat yourself.
I've seen this and it's really funny.
So my keyboard work I can't type are without copper pacing it.
And I'm using the dreadful your language to replace the book and key.
My That's really funny guys I made in our band so we don't shoot each other.
I'm just here for the means.
All right.
You two.
Okay, we're cool.
Liska No one.
The camera angle the animal When a character is about to go insane.
That's great.
Yeah, they love that angle lending.
There's a picture of young peers right before he lost his legs in a shark attack.
Oh, my God, That makes perfect sense.
Because I remember when we did that, they were like, there's a ton of sharks out there, so don't fall in the water.
And I was like, Oh, no, maybe, you know, I mean, this is Canon Foods.
I don't want to play with you anymore.
My crime.
This those episode takes so long to make and I feel like a I had no time because I'm so busy with other things.
I'm sorry.
Starting from nothing.
You made his life every step of the way.
Help people throughout the hardest time.
And we help you through the hardest time.
Despite your mistakes.
You're happier than ever.
Thank you for the best decade and cheers to the next one.
Oh, thank you, guys.
Big peopie Not pretty pie, but my an Edgar.
Oh, that's so cute.
Oh, my God.
Came here for bail X.
That's so adorable.
Look at them.
Why can't I move?
I can't scroll down, Ted, Cover my It looks a few Thank you, Mom?
Any male YouTuber It's that beauty pie.
Is that the Puy de pie you're talking about?
La y p p review peopIe eyes it time for a new name.
I think it might be time from now when we call it people review.
When Peter places a bad name, you have lost your feet.
Be privilege.
That's correct.
That's how that works.
Me re elected.
We're gonna have todo uh All right, I'm gonna end it there.
Hope you guys enjoyed this episode.
And I see you gamers on the battlefield.
Hey, hey.
For too long you have been farting.


2020 Memes are gonna be EPIC - LWIAY #00105

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