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way PICO PICO speaks way getting show.
I knew that way.
You sure you were about to jet Julian?
A squad that had, you know, holiday in surgical?
Mr Your thing.
Grass Marco.
Proud ingress.
Not Cassidy.
Fascist guayaberas.
Shopping it apart on our shopping Cylon.
It's not like, I think, some apologies.
The usual, you know, show in some power and and 16 Hollinger.
Mayes said school put his judges this morn Amish try in the mood.
I gotta go wash in a month, a week?
My w e in the e Actually, it is drugged up.
You don't know me.
M wantto complicate.
Mom Thought Do you want to say, Do I fire station, site and match?
It was easy, you know, I think I think saying thanks, team without saying treasure, that family's gonna pay separate agencies story my dramatic trials in prison.
But it happened.
A studio perceptible say sob a tramping back Portela biggest also for Theo.
When Reggie They what?
So you want to pay the fee for the Sochi script video?
Is Louise ish to me that you've got there yourself?
Toys That is no longer feel that No feel your signature to a solitary What you see now?
I don't know about the double master say some way episode Granddaughter and I visited a ravine way said the syrup said They said daughter Okay, game.
It doesn't want the article coming soon I know you way back.
We think they know me Maja, my zing Back to whom you are feeling by a president now no more apple pie Spy Tocumen Amara By that also known happens It is always like magic.
It has softened by loud, is omitted seven You don't carry a gun on us.
You're doing only strong.
You want just people dodgy that I see you know what do they do?
But people brewing in my home when you're sick Okay, my co quel bruto can't says Can you come back and said You showing you say the minute I have never seen Sabine and that's a sudden it's a beak with Casey president after not feeling super, I can't cash.
It was your idea to sell sell out about not coming up.
So just you on your Jennifer told me what you saw Son said You know what, Watson shaking tomorrow.
You know what you can sell them.
And I saw three settlement.
Kiki said lately, Don't you got some kind of say yes.
They sent me back with my swing.
I got a key to Facebook it down.
Make it strong, Michael, that I know.
What this case?
Just doing my border in Cuiaba.
No jail time on now.
Did you teach you about?
I'm bored?



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