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well, still hitting 50 on that.
And Wilbur, it's nasty out there.
The wizard is caught in the grips of a bearing sea Luke pressure system.
There's a big wave.
There's another one right behind it.
They're all big, moist Southern winds colliding with Arctic north.
Early's fuel.
The mass of 250 square my storm, but no cover.
70% of the Eastern appealing Grimes.
You start getting compound sees and they start crashing and piling up and you start getting erratic, really big waves out of nowhere.
I think it's a big way trying to go slow.
Be careful, right Here's a little bit dicey.
Got the weather just on the starter side, which I do not like.
Despite unrelenting weather, I find a way to get through 225 pots and 36 to 38 hours in this storm will be rock stars.
Keith will need to haul and re set apart every 10 minutes to make his own flowed in just 48 hours or head to town under week.
First pot coming up here.
Everybody get ready to roll.
Let's do it right.
Come on, crab.
All right.
Moving slow.
consign something.
Good sign.
Oh, yeah.
That's a hell of a lot of crab.
Okay, well, heads up, guys.
God, that's good.
Real sneaking one just came up, Took a shot there.
Did you get your name?
Somebody hurt.
How you doing?
Freddie doesn't look like he's doing really good right now.
Any time he leans over, it doesn't.
Doesn't move for about 30 seconds.
I know he's in pain.
I need some information.
You look like Freddy was injured or something.
The hopper slammed is me.
The huge color dealt the deck.
A crushing blow.
Slamming crewman Freddie Market eyes leg into the corner of the metal hopper.
Yeah, there he goes.
He's definitely got a little Can't be limp in his walk, shaking off the bumper.
Come gentle.
Do it.
Assessment on this knee.
He's not coming off deck.
I'll tell you that right now, the 18 year veteran deckhand resumes the fight, ignoring his pain.
That's the danger.
Trying to work in this weather.
You're on the risk to get somebody banged up another one times.
You don't get out of this chair sometimes for 67 hours straight.
You got somebody on deck.
You're not going anywhere.
You just stay right here.
On on the watch, Guys, Come on inside.
Take a quick 30 minute break After we get the gear.
Authors, give me an hour.
Long break for you guys.
Oh, boy, I'm Freddy.
I know you won't deal here, should we?
Like, you know, like I know it's fine.
Just take a look.
I know it's just too good.
A tickle it a little.
Come on, Let me see if I got to know you're okay, right?
Any time I see you hobbling, I know there's something going on.
Where'd you get it at?
Any pain?
Any other.
Know what system went?
It's just a tickle.
Just bang it.
You feel anything, Pop?
All right.
You're good.
He's the only one that I know that describes pain.


Crewman Injured After Boat Takes Big Hit From Huge Wave | Deadliest Catch

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 26 日 に公開
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