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I might.
Wilkie drive a slow junk.
It's a one ton mega truck.
Got a blown small block Chevrolet, making about 1500 horsepower.
Higher glide transmission.
16 inch cool over shocks, all made by May.
It's pretty good.
Handful crispy.
Supposed to be the baddest mega truck out here, and I won't make the best Chris lie back is the fastest guy on the 37th period, and he's gone out there and he's gonna whup that ass.
Went like usual.
Pull up to the line.
I was ready.
Way took off.
Dead even started pulling me just a little bit.
I wasn't worried because I knew what I was gonna do it to hurt.
You got a real nice right where I wanted to be.
Brand really good to the corner.
I knew he was trouble down there.
I was just telling myself, Don't make any mistakes turned around.
Came back, hit the jump on him on the ground.
Here we are.
It feels good to be back in the winner's circle.
That's that's where we belong.
You're as fast as a guy came and get around the track.
Come on, their time, spiker.
One more time.
Try when I got dirt on him out.
You ask.
You see Chris like Max, Wind puts the dirty seven on the board first.
Next up for the Dirty seven is Nick Ville Manus and grass money.
It's a 98 Chevrolet with a 500 cubic inch big block.
14 9 24 tires, four link suspension.
Definitely got some heavyweight.
You've got to be able to move it.
Them jump, sir.
Looking pretty steamed.
Actually, I think the win this thing, we're gonna the air it out a little bit.
Yeah, also, I know that turned down there.
Definitely don't favor us with long wheel base, but yeah, kind of lengthen the tie rod ends in behind.
My only concern is that the turn is pretty tight because we don't have rear steer.
And this track probably could favor that.
This truck is more of a bog truck, and it's a long wheelbase truck, so we might have a difficult, you know, time to maneuver around that.
But I think we can get it today.
I'm Dr Mega Stunt Mega Truck.
It's got a four Niner six.
Big several under the hood, 14 9 track tires.
Lord has some bad trash talkers and we will put into it way grass, money.
He's a big dude with a big attitude, and he's not scared.
Then we got large from South Carolina and truck called Mega Stunt.
And he said it earlier today said, I'm coming out there to mow the grass.
So we're gonna see if you get moving your ass right here.
Cleaning out, trying on their side by side coming out the hole.
I get a table top first, see about my window thing does not like to turn the best.
So we come around on the far side and were able to make a clean turn, and we're gonna line it up with That's the way the 37 doesn't mean we just take the winds home.
That's it.
Thank you.
One thing you'll get used to like this work Spit out that face.
Oh, Rainer Skinner.
Thank your next.
Don't you wait.
No, no.
Hey, Got some confidence.
I hear.
What about the bad things?
I see our confidence.
He is We should go file.
There's 7 50 and you get rolling.
Oh, a truck Length is whenever he starts one trickling in front of me.
He's a little nervous.
Or go ahead and give it to him, because I am worried about him.
7 50 of the length.
I'm good with that.
Good luck.
You're gonna need the link.
It's gonna be ugly with that.
Win the dirty seven.
Go up 2 to 0.
Next up is West Railing Junior and the Riding Dirty Truck.
I'm driving a 2010 Ford Ranger.
5 40 Big walk Ford.
Alcohol injected 8 71 blower.
It's got big shocks on it.
Get big tires on a ton of horsepower and it's ready to rock and roll here.
He's got some pretty big power, so But we all know you got got more power.
Yeah, I gave him a link.
What do you think that's gonna play in the factor?
I know.
Don't worry.
Watch you drive right around right from the get go.
So I gave him a truck link.
My front tire is going to be at his back tires.
That's That's kind of insulting, isn't it?
Oh, definitely is insulting.
I know he's got a big truck.
I heard it's fast.
I heard that he likes air it out but I don't think he can beat me.
My name's Alan Ritter.
I drive the Ritter Skitter Mega truck.
Got a big block.
5 55 Power glide Transmission.
20th CNC Travel Shocks.
Two and 1/2 tone.
Rockwell's on 14.
Ready to race.
He's giving me a truck length.
You just don't do that in this sport.
Tracks too short for that.
He's just just inexperience talking that dirty seven.
What we took off definitely gave him a link.
He needed it.
He could have used two weeks when we got there.
The face that jump, he checked a blow.
But I stayed on the gas a lot longer, jumped up on top of the table top, and from there on out, I was ahead of him.
I got to the corner.
I send you one last time.
Yeah, a little bit harder.
Kicked out all over him.
I was gone.
Never had to look back.
Oh, there he is.
You got that money?
You look at that.
Money, money, money.
I told you.


Mega Truck Racer Gives Opponent Head Start In Their Race | Dirty Mudder Truckers

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 26 日 に公開
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